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Kill Your Darlings #7 by Griffin Sheridan, Ethan S. Parker, Robert Quinn, and John J. Hill. (Credit Image Comics. Cover by Robert Quinn.)

Kill Your Darlings #7:

Creative Team:

Ethan S. Parker and Griffin Sheridan (Writer,)

Robert Quinn (Art and Cover)

John J. Hill (Letters.)


Eleanor is back with a mighty vengeance as she seeks to destroy the land and its inhabitants. This penultimate issue uncovers the mystery behind what happened to Rose and her mother when she was a child and answers the questions we have all been asking ourselves. It brings us action, horror, and hope as we prepare for the grand finale.

The Art:

Robert Quinn ladies and gentleman, what he has done with this run has been nothing short of amazing. There are panels and colors in this particular issue that take what he has been doing to an entire other level. To start we get a panel where the animals are being warped and pulled and the way he is able to bring that to life on a page is astounding. We then get the insane level of detail within the flesh of this wretched witch Eleanor showing grey pale skin and the depths down to the bones.

Finally, Robert blows us away with the color contrasts and the final page of a side-by-side of Rose and Eleanor that I needed as a poster on my wall yesterday. This issue is beautifully colored and drawn in a realistic yet imaginative way showcasing some of the best work I have seen.

The Writing:

This issue gives us the answers we have been seeking as Griffin and Ethan tie in 6 pevious issues from a tangled web, creating a crystal clear picture. John brings us home through lettering by making us feel the emotions our characters are feeling through their yelling or soft-spoken voices. The way these two have created so much story and then even more backstory is leaving me needing more from this universe. They have crafted such a place of wonder and intrigue.


Issue 7 sets us up for a fantastic conclusion to this story of Rose and the world she has crafted within her mind. Answering some of our questions, such as who really is she and why is Rose so important to the land and world she’s turned into reality. The writing, lettering, and imagery come together crafting some of the best story I have read in a limited run. Rose is not going down without a fight and I am readying my sword as though I am going to battle with her, that is how immersive this tale is.

10/10 Cigars.

Hey, I am Matt from Hopsgeeknews. Thank you for reading my review! If you enjoyed this and want to see what else I am reading or the comic cons I have been at lately head to http://linktr.ee/hopsgeeknews

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