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Cobra Commander #2: Unleashing the Dreadnoks


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COBRA COMMANDER #2 by Joshua Williamson, Andrea Milana, Annalisa Leoni and Rus Wooton (Credit: Skybound Entertainment/ Image Comics)

Creative Team: Joshua Williamson (Writing), Andrea Milana (Art), Annalisa Leoni (Colors) and Rus Wooton (Letters)

COBRA COMMANDER #2, penned by Joshua Williamson and illustrated by Andrea Milana, alongside Annalisa Leoni’s vibrant colors and Rus Wooten’s lettering, delivers a riveting continuation of the Cobra saga. In this issue, Cobra Commander embarks on a quest for Energon, leading to a collision course with the notorious Dreadnoks. And with the Dreadnoks always appearing in at least 2 or more so goes this review by our Editor in Chief, Ken and myself!

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The Writing:

Williamson continues to play into the horror elements for this story. With the introduction of the Dreadnoks, the tone is set early on how sadistic they are with their action. Meanwhile, The Commander continues to be driven on his goals. Williamson features the deceptive nature of the lead with charismatic charm. The search for Energon leads to the eventual crossroads inside the Florida swamp. The writing accelerates the tenacious encounter to new heights. Once the fallout begins, the transition into the next phase speeds into a final moment which fans will be talking about until the next chapter.

COBRA COMMANDER #2 by Joshua Williamson, Andrea Milana, Annalisa Leoni and Rus Wooton (Credit: Skybound Entertainment/ Image Comics)

Williamson’s writing plunges readers into the dark underbelly of the Energon Universe, where the Dreadnoks reign supreme as merciless mercenaries. With seamless transitions and intense character dynamics, the narrative grips readers from the outset, showcasing the nefarious nature of these fan-favorite villains. Cobra Commander’s relentless pursuit of power, juxtaposed with the chaotic presence of the Dreadnoks, sets the stage for an unpredictable and thrilling storyline.The introduction of new players, such as Cobra Commander’s mysterious protector, adds layers of intrigue, leaving readers eagerly anticipating the next twist in the tale.

Art and Letters:

Milana opens up with a full page image of Ripper and Buzzer and their “interrogation” methods make a big impression. This is capped off with a strong two-page spread showing the pair enjoying what they’re doing. It leaves little to the imagination. The same can be said for the Commander’s “bodyguard”. A half page strike will demonstrate the deadliness at hand. This balances into the showdown between the Dreadnoks and Commander. The letter work of Rus Wooten gives the first attack a shining image to kickstart the fight. After the events wrap up there, Milana gifts readers with a strong full page vision that will leave the suspense brewing until the following chapter drops.

COBRA COMMANDER #2 by Joshua Williamson, Andrea Milana, Annalisa Leoni and Rus Wooton (Credit: Skybound Entertainment/ Image Comics)

The artwork by Milana is nothing short of spectacular, capturing the brutal action sequences with a visceral intensity that leaves a lasting impact. Leoni’s colors elevate the atmosphere, immersing readers in the murky swamps and explosive showdowns. Wooten’s lettering heightens the tension, adding urgency to every moment of carnage and chaos.


The next phase of Cobra Commander’s beginnings takes readers into an explosive confrontation with some familiar faces. Williamson directs traffic through the horror and action, giving readers a full dose of excitement. Milana and company hold nothing back as the brutality of the bad guys crafts quite a few bold images. Make sure not to let this chapter slip through your grasps on NCBD!


From the relentless brutality of the Dreadnoks to Cobra Commander’s insatiable thirst for power, Cobra Commander #2 delivers a gripping narrative filled with suspense, mystery, and adrenaline-fueled action. With each new character introduced and every twist in the plot, the Energon Universe expands, promising even greater adventures on the horizon. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the G.I. Joe universe or simply seeking an action-packed thrill ride, Cobra Commander #2 is not to be missed.

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