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Family and Feuds in Scarlet Witch And Quicksilver #1


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The Maximoff family drama is on full display as a possible letter from Magneto causes a serious argument between brother and sister, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. There’s a much more complex, and possibly devious, plot in the works to divide and conquer the powerful siblings.

Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment. Cover art by Russell Dauterman

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver Crash Into A New Episode

The story picks up where we last saw Scarlet Witch, in the quaint little town of Lotkill, home to Wanda and her occult tea shop called The Last Door. The story opens in a crisis. A dimensional space station is crashing towards Lotkill and Wanda is the only thing between the two.

With the help of her assistant Darcy Lewis and her brother Pietro, the people of Lotkill are taken to safety so Wanda can do her thing and not only stop the huge object from crashing, but protecting the Clerics aboard as well. It’s a fantastic action sequence with some great descriptive inner dialogue from Wanda, and some fun, sarcastic quips from Quicksilver.

Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment. Cover Art by Paulo Siqueira

Family Complicates Things

After the crisis is averted, Darcy points out that a package has been delivered. It’s box with their names inscribed. To make it more complicated, it’s in Magneto’s handwriting.

After some back and forth between Pietro and Wanda the box opened and contains a letter. It’s read by Wanda and immediately torched when Quicksilver starts to get nosy. This kicks off a big conflict in the story between the siblings and a lot of dirty laundry is aired. There’s some interesting banter between the two and we we get a real sense of their raw emotions.

The heated exchange ends in Pietro leaving, quickly, and the two individually deal with everything that has been laid out. Wanda’s anger is cooled by Darcy who helps with a few realizations. Pietro however decides to run around the world in a tantrum.

On The Next Exciting Episode!

We soon learn though that this isn’t as simple as a father sending a letter to his children. There is something bigger at play here. There’s something supernatural, and then there’s something or someone else, with an agenda. The final pages build up to an intense cliffhanger, leaving us to wonder about the future of the siblings and what is at play to separate them.

Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment. Cover art by Luciano Vecchio

The Keys To The Comic

The Writing

Steve Orlando just gets these two characters. He understands each of them individually and how they interact as siblings. Every sentence of dialogue between the two conveys the very complicated family machinations of the Maximoffs. Wanda takes on too much responsibility and tries to protect everyone from pain or suffering by absorbing it herself. Pietro is petty, and moves to fast to see the big picture. He can be really selfish and doesn’t like not getting his way. They’re almost like oil and water, yet they fit together in a way that feels like a real brother, sister dynamic.

The Art

I love every page, every panel of this comic. I’m engaged with the action. Tammetta’s work with the anatomy of Wanda and Pietro is poetic and beautiful. Their facial expressions are so intense and real. I can feel everything they’re feeling before I can even get to the world bubble. This is especially true with the eyes. It’s like an unwritten sentence behind every eye expression.

Colors are just as important to this book. Frank William does some stand out work with his colors, especially when working with Scarlet Witch. The Shades of red are so rich and pop out so well. They work in conjunction with the pinks and purples. The contrast of Quicksilver’s green costume really drives home how different the two of them are, and how well the colors work together.

Everything Points To 10/10

I know. You think I’m crazy. I’m not. What Steve Orlando has established from his previous run on Scarlet Witch flows right into what is happening in this story. The opening panel really set the tone for me and reminded me of some iconic Superman panels. The whole opening conflict put this book on the road to success.

Orlando understands these two characters and writes them into a real family relationship that can have strong bonds, and still be a little toxic from time to time. It’s all elevated by the artwork of Tammetta and William. The faces and body language could write a story themselves, and the colors by Frank lift it all off the page and drive home the characters emotions to the point that it connects directly with the reader.


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