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The Punisher #3 by David Pepose, Dave Wachter, Dan Brown, and VC’s Cory Petit. ( Credit Marvel Entertainment. Cover by Rod Ries.)

Creative Team:

David Pepose (Writer),

Dave Wachter (Artist),

Dan Brown (Colorist),

VC’s Cory Petit (Letterer),

Rod Ries (Cover Artist)



The Punisher #3 Synopsis:

Issue 3 launches into a ferocious battle as Joe Garrison is wounded and on the run. He stumbles upon the frightening Fearmaster, who sets out to end Joe once and for all.

Meanwhile, the cops hot on his trail stumble upon more than they bargained for as this issue leads us into a fight against what we fear most and one step closer to solving the mystery behind who killed Joe Garrison’s family.

The Art:

Dave and Dan set out and accomplished some great visual pieces in this issue. Some of the standout panels for me were when we went inside Joe’s mind and unlocked his nightmare. Seeing his wife and kids’ zombified bodies and the amount of detail and grime that oozed from each panel left me heavily satisfied.

Once again, the way the action is drawn makes it feel as though we are watching a movie, as every blow and move is executed flawlessly. The transitions between what is real and what is inside his mind are executed perfectly. It’s a cinematic masterpiece that enhances the storytelling.

The Punisher #3 by David Pepose, Dave Wachter, Dan Brown, and VC’s Cory Petit. ( Credit Marvel Entertainment. Cover by Rod Ries. Variant covers by Roge Antonio, Rain Beredo, Lucio Parillo.)

The Writing:

David continues to shine as I feel that issue 3 allows him to find his groove with Joe’s character. He alludes to some fun other stories, such as the Gang War, and leaves us with a breadcrumb trail as to what the mystery holds for us.

Getting a chance to go inside of his mind showcases how vulnerable Joe is and how he wishes to be free from pain. You feel his burning grief as Cory does a fantastic job in his letterwork, carefully crafting that grief onto the panels.

I have a feeling our cop friend may be in for an adventure going forward as this wild ride continues.


This issue settles this story into its groove as the characters get more profound and more fleshed out. They have found something great inside the artwork to match precisely what David is laying down, as this could be a championship-caliber team for Marvel.

It has become a must-read monthly for me as it’s a thrilling tale of a man with nothing to lose.


I appreciate you taking the time to read my review. Find my reviews and what is happening with myself and Hopsgeeknews at http://linktr.ee/hopsgeeknews. You can also find us as Megacon February 1-4! Don’t forget to subscribe for more exciting reviews.

Matthew Roth
Matthew Roth
Hey friends! My name is Matt I am a nomadic beer and pumpkin spice enthusiast perpetually living in the fall. I cohost a podcast called Hopsgeeknews alongside Lauren where we talk comicbooks, movies, and tv shows while featuring a beer of the week! We have a passion for all of those things so check us out and enjoy my weekly comic reviews!

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