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The Cull: Issue 4 of 5 – Mystery, Beauty & the Apocalypse


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Creative Team

Words:  Kelly Thompson; Art & Colors: Mattia De Iulis; Letters: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou; Variant Covers: Mattia De Lulis (A) & Tula Lotay (B) Edits: Charles Beacham; Design: Rian Hughes

The Cull #4 from Image Comics

This comic is a five issue run, and issue 3 really kicked up the intensity. What started as a group of teenagers who are working on a film, but also appear to be dealing with issues beyond their age, has morphed into an incredible science fiction action mystery. At the end of issue 3, we had a quick moment of relief, before realizing the danger and mystery not only increased, but it appears to have leaked into our world.

If you’re new to this comic, check out the Nerd Initiative review for Issue #1 of The Cull.

Page 1 of The Cull, issue 4 by Image Comics.
The Cull Issue 4. All images by Image Comics.

The Story for Issue #4

Our makeshift filmmaking crew are back where they began on Black Water Beach, however, a lot has changed since their last visit. Each of them (well except one, which is another mystery) is equipped with newfound powers that seem to be an extension of who they are. This quickly proves to be useful when a giant monster looking creature greets them on a now eerily abandoned and empty beach. As the group, who has no idea how long they have been gone, searches for their families, we see neighborhoods straight out of The Walking Dead, just minus the walking corpses. 

Throughout this issue there are ups and downs, as they puzzle together what happened. Naturally, they all feel guilty, as they assume they are at fault for letting the monsters into our world, and kicking off what appears to be the start of the apocalypse. However, these kids are tough, and they’re not backing down. They’ve been through hell and back (metaphorically), and to another dimension and back. The last page leaves us once again with a feeling of curiosity, hope, and anticipation, only to then leave us with the words, “TO BE CONCLUDED.” 

Page 2 of The Cull Issue 4 by Image Comics.
The Cull Issue 4. All images by Image Comics.

The Art

This is not your parent’s comic book art. I in no way mean that as a jab at comic book art of the past. I just want to emphasize the beauty that is on every page of this book. The characters are so well drawn, they almost look like actual pictures at times. Meanwhile, the emphasis on light throughout this series showcases a level of beauty I have never seen in a comic.

Once Will, Lux, Wade, and Kaite got their powers, this art became even more beautiful. As did the characters that possess said powers. We also get quite a lot of close ups of each main character. The details shown in these close ups, convey every single emotion they are feeling. Therefore, better helping the reader to feel for the characters and fall into the story. 

The Cull Issue 4 Rating: 9/10

The first couple issues built mystery, and showed us who these teenagers are, and gave us an idea what they’re dealing with. It then took off in issue 3, and continued strong in 4. I have no idea how it will wrap up in one last issue, but I can’t wait to see how.

The Cull has taken childhood trauma, and literally turned it into superpowers. Now, we’ll have to see if that’s enough to save the ones they love, and possibly the world. 

Check out another comic review by Lauren. She is half of Hops GEEK News: a weekly podcast that discusses all things geek pop culture, while enjoying a craft beer of the week. They also interview many different people from the comic book world and beyond.

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