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Enfield Gang Massacre #2 Review – Always on the run


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The Enfield Gang Massacre #2 by Chris Condon and Jacob Phillips. (credit Image Comics)

Enfield Gang Massacre #2 – Image Comics

Creative Team:

Writer: Chris Condon

Artist: Jacob Phillips


The Rundown:

The showdown has begun as the Enfield Gang and the town sheriff and crew have begun in a shootout for the ages. The gang takes the upper hand before having a stick of dynamite tossed leaving only a sole survivor left to warn the town.

The Enfield Gang Massacre #2 by Chris Condon and Jacob Phillips. (Credit Image Comics)

As both sides lick their wounds and prepare for battle the Sherriff sends a warning message with two of the gang members tied to the back of a horse cart leaving us in suspension for the next issue.

The Art:

Phillips is using the entire color palette in this issue. One of my favorite things is how he uses the dark shadows to contrast with the bright colors such as that of the blood or fire that is in this issue and trust me there is a lot of bloodshed.

Every page is done as though it is a painting you would hang on your walls to marvel at any time you walked by. Using the contrast yet again to portray the seriousness of situations our characters are in without needing any words at all. Jacob had my interest but, after this issue, he has my attention with how strong his artwork is in issue 2.

The Writing:

The Enfield Gang Massacre #2 by Chris Condon and Jacob Phillips. (credit Image Comics)

Chris Condon on the other hand is crafting a classic Western masterpiece. You can tell he has done his homework crafting how both sides would be talking and acting and leaving us questioning if the gang might be innocent after all. He is making the most of this issue driving the story towards a climactic finish and pulling us deeper into this captivating story.

Final Thoughts:

If issue 1 had you on the fence then issue 2 will pull you head first into the deep end. This duo is at the top of their game in this issue putting on a clinic of storytelling.

If you had any doubt a good old-fashioned Western tale could be a hit in this day and age then look no further than The Enfield Gang Massacre.

5/5 Cigars


Matthew Roth
Matthew Roth
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