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Arcade Kings #4 review – Sibling Rivalry


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Arcade Kings #4 (Credit: Skybound Entertainment) Creative Team: Dylan BurnettWalter Baiamonte and Sara Antonellini

Arcade Kings #4 – Image Comics – Skybound Entertainment

Creative Team: Dylan Burnett (Writer/Artist), Sara Antonellini and Walter Baiamonte (Colorist), AndWorld Design (Letters)


Issue 4 opens up with a flashback of Ken sneaking around the McMax Estate where he begins to learn the real reasons why he and Joe are training so hard and being used as human test subjects. It then cuts back to the current time where Joe finally has found his brother, but their reunion was filled with mixed emotions. The writing in this series by Dylan Burnett has done an excellent job in providing just enough backstory to allow the reader to formulate their own predictions and stay immersed in the story.

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The art by Burnett and colors by both Sara Antonellini and Walter Baiamonte provide plenty of nostalgia for readers that grew up playing arcade video games or watched anime. The bright colors along with the simple panel layouts help push the pace where readers can’t help but get excited as they are trying to see what happens next! The use of diagonal panels during some of the intense fight scenes helped convey the overall emotions our main characters were sorting through in this issue. The lettering by AndWord Designs takes the fight scenes to the next level and makes the reader feel like they are watching a story within an arcade game. Some of the lettering also reminded me of when I used to play some of the early game boy games like Pokemon and Zelda.

This action packed issue had its twists and turns making readers feel for both Joe and Ken. With one issue left in the series it’s gearing up for an insane final ride! Make sure this one is on your pull list to catch the epic conclusion next month!

Overall Grade: 9 out of 10

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