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KLIK KLIK BOOM #2 by Doug Wagner, Doug Dabbs, Matt Wilson and Ed Dukeshire (Credit: Image Comics)


CREATIVE: Doug Wagner, Doug Dabbs, Matt Wilson and Ed Dukeshire

Welcome to an all-new edition of Parlay Points, the comic book review blog to the ODPH Podcast!

For this entry, we’re following the next chapter of a brand new story coming out of Image Comics. The debut issue was a very spectacular read and let readers with a great cliffhanger. Now on its next chapter, fans have much to be excited about.

KLIK KLIK BOOM #2 by Doug Wagner, Doug Dabbs, Matt Wilson and Ed Dukeshire brings the danger right to Serena and Sprout’s front door. Let’s not wait any longer and dive into this series!


KLIK KLIK BOOM #2 by Doug Wagner, Doug Dabbs, Matt Wilson and Ed Dukeshire (Credit: Image Comics)

A reporter named Serena Biggs has been investigating the person behind the mysterious polaroid pictures found in New York City. When the danger of searching brings her in the path of a silent assassin named Sprout, Serena has no idea what she has just walked into.

After a “conversation”, Sprout lets Serena (slightly) in on her revenge mission for her grandfather. Now the pair has to prepare for armed gunman walking right to their front door…..


The issue begins with the gunman walking into the hotel Sprout is staying in. They’re pressuring the clerk at the front desk for information. He reveals Sprout rented every room in the hotel. With a full search underway, Sprout and Serena look on as the danger draws closer.

Readers see how Sprout is ready for the attack as the hotel has traps lying all around. Can the pair survive long enough to crack into Sprout’s mission of revenge?

If they do, what is the next steps in the plan or has someone bet them to the punch? There’s a lot going on with this issue that is sure to please heading into the next chapter.


Wagner goes all in on displaying how crafty Sprout is with her mission. The plan of going “Home Alone” in the hotel has a great twist. Readers can instantly see how strategic Sprout is without coming across forced. The flashback sequences with her grandfather hit their marks as to why she’s so committed to her mission.

Seeing the story play out through Serena’s eyes gives a solid perspective mirroring the readers. Leading into the final act, Wagner displays the quirks between the pair before slamming on the breaks for the final image. There’s a lot to enjoy with this story.

Dabbs and Wilson present a situation where the scenes could misfire for being too cartoonish, but hit the marks with a bullseye. The hotel panels are visually popping off, giving the readers a memorable series of events. The flashback panels continue add another layer to the story with how deeply invested Sprout is for vengeance.

The mannerisms between Serena and Sprout pulls back the seriousness of the tale, giving readers a chance to catch a breath before heading into the closing act. Strong final one page panel to end things on a more puzzling note while keeping fans invested heading to the midway issue.


The odd couple pairing of Serena and Sprout are tasked with finding a way to survive with mounting pressure. Wagner’s writing keeps readers glued in, constructing a multi-leveled tale. This is matched panel for panel with exceptional art from Dabbs and Wilson, giving readers much to ponder while figuring out the true mission at hand. This is a book you can’t miss on New Comic Book Day.

Hit me up on ODPH Social media and let me know your thoughts on Klik Klik Boom #2. Thanks for reading Parlay Points on Nerd Initiative!

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