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What is the Junkie App? My Experience with the New Platform!


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In this day and age, dominated by social media, online shopping, and live streaming there are new apps springing up everyday. One of the newest platforms to hit the market is the Junkie App which is striving to combine the best of social media and collectibles selling platforms into one new powerhouse.

Founded by Johny Rulan and parent Conifer Labs INC, Junkie got its start as a WEB3 company selling and producing NFT digital assets.

In 2023, Junkie was reformed to bring it into a physical collectibles space when they launched the mobile app during Megacon Orlando 2023.

Junkie may be a new platform but that does not mean they are new to the collectible market, the core of the team has over twenty years of experience in the collectibles space fused with intricate knowledge of the WEB3 and the industry itself.

This new app is set up to be a juggernaut in the coming years.

“If your into comics, if you’re in love with Funko, if you can’t live another day without action figures, if your life-force depends on defeating your opponents on the battle field with your fiercest monsters, if you can’t help but dress up as your favorite character, if you love creating custom art, or you love creating custom products, and even if your into movies and anime we got the people waiting for you,” officials from Junkie said.

“We want to foster a sense of community on a level that hasn’t been seen before and we want to allow people of many walks of life an opportunity to grow along side some of the industries top players,” added regarding the companies mindset.

Officials from Junkie

Junkie is more than just another new online selling platform. It blends the best things about all the social media apps you know and love along with a robust marketplace. It is a an app where you can post pictures about the fandoms you like or even watching your favorite podcast live.

My Experience with the new App

I was lucky enough to gain early access to test out the platform and I must admit I am pleasantly surprised.

I have been a part of multiple online selling platforms early launches — as one of the first hundred comic sellers on Whatnot and the first comic seller on the Dripshop Live Platform. And trust me, early days can be a little rough.

Many times apps like these age like fine wine and get better with time, adding functionality and working out bugs but the Junkie app seems to have taken all their previous experience and designed a seamless app that can do many things.

The main app functions very much like a standard social media platform where you can post pictures or video (called Flicks) and interact with other members of the community.

It also adds a convenient marketplace for purchasing items from the members of the community.

What sets Junkie apart for me is how easy it was to stream. I did a live episode of my podcast on the platform and it was so easy to get all of my recording equipment synced up and with OBS capabilities, the possibilities are endless.

The live dashboard works a lot like Streamyard or Youtube studio and has so much potential that I cant wait to explore.

The online collectibles market has become this ever expanding digital marketplace with new apps and live selling platforms popping up every day. Junkie is not just the next one because it feels more like a social media platform built on the community and wit the app shooting for a million users by the end of the year and is definitely an app to keep an eye on.

Kyle aka Nerdtooine has been a super nerd and collector for going on 3 decades. Always one to have a fan theory or two thousand, but during the Pandemic, started to take to social media to express those theories and thus is the origin of Nerdtooine. Collector/Seller/Content Creator/ Soon to be published comic writer.

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