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Buffy’s ‘Slayer Special’ One-Shot | Review


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Buffy The Last Vampire Slayer Special #1 – Boom! Studios

Creative Team: Casey Gilly, Joe Jaro, Maria Keane, Lea Caballero, Joana Lafuente and Ed Dukeshire Main Cover By: Ario Anindito

Welcome to an all new edition of Parlay Points, the comic book review blog to the ODPH podcast by way of the Nerd Initiative!

Copyright © 2005-2020 BOOM! Entertainment, Inc

For this entry, we’re checking out a one-shot from Boom! Studios, featuring a familiar name in the land of pop culture. If you grew up in the 90’s or the early 2000’s, you are guaranteed to have heard the name of “Buffy” and immediately connected it with “Vampire Slayer”. From the initial movie in 1992 featuring Kristy Swanson and the title role to the memorable WB (pre-CW) show from 1997-2003 starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, the character has remained relevant in pop culture with no signs of slowing down. Through the various Buffy universe stories coming from Boom! Studios, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer continues to find new life.

One of those stories is Buffy The Last Vampire Slayer Special #1 by Casey Gilly, Joe Jaro, Maria Keane, Lea Caballero, Joana Lafuente and Ed Dukeshire. Let’s take a closer look at this special and see what unfolds, shall we?



Copyright © 2005-2020 BOOM! Entertainment, Inc

The story is set in London of an alternate future where Buffy Summers was the last Vampire Slayer. That is, until Thessaly, the daughter of Tara and Willow, has now been chosen to become a slayer. Becoming a guardian over the new slayer with help from Spike (a vampire and Buffy’s lover in this timeline), an older and wiser Buffy has now made it her mission to train Thessaly for her destined future.

Excellent job by Boom! to write in the quick 101 paragraph to catch new readers up to speed on this series.

Things kick off with Spike working with Thessaly on sharpening her skills. The banter is easy to connect with, as the rebellious teenager isn’t too keen on listening to her elder’s advice. Thessaly is more focused on meeting up with Iris, her girlfriend.

All the while, Buffy is working with Wren and Anya of the Watcher’s Council on a possible lead on finding an old friend in the United States! What does this lead have to do with Thessaly? Can the new slayer handle the responsibility of the mantle? Will the team survive each other long enough to solve this mystery?

Readers get taken on a fun adventure that mixed with great surprises along with “family” drama, closing with a promising ending.

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Story Review

Copyright © 2005-2020 BOOM! Entertainment, Inc

Gilly builds an enjoyable tale focusing on the “family” dynamic of Thessaly, Spike and Buffy. With a new slayer to train, Buffy tries to balance being a supportive maternal figure and being when training Thessaly for the dangers to come.

Thessaly is a “normal” teenager with her interactions. Seeing how she’s learning control of her abilities will stand out to readers. Solid reveals heading into the latter portion of the story. The final moments concludes with an interesting ending that I’m sure readers won’t see the last of this universe in the future.

Artwork Overview

Multiple artists on this book kept things moving at a solid pace. Thessaly’s powers stood out as big events when used in those panels. The quieter scenes with Buffy and Thessaly helped connect readers to the building of their bond which progresses as the issue goes on. Once the biggest reveal happens, it comes across as a huge deal. One that will cause readers to immediately see a shift in the story. The final pages tie up loose ends, before sending the characters off with some great personal moments.

Final Point

Both fans of the Buffy franchise and new readers checking it out for the first time will be very pleased with what they find in Buffy The Last Vampire Slayer Special #1. The creative team establish an entertaining story with solid writing and art to keep fans locked in from the opening page to close. Keep an eye out for this book on New Comic Book Day!

Hit me up on ODPH social media and let me know what you thought of Buffy The Last Vampire Slayer Special #1. Thanks for reading Parlay Points on Nerd Initiative. Let the NI team know what books you want to see on the column in the future. Till next time…

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