Mystique Comes to The Marvel Legends X-Men VHS Line!

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Hasbro continues to shine the warm light of nostalgia upon us with the Marvel Legends X-Men Animated Series VHS wave of action figures. Today they opened pre-orders for a fan favorite of the X-men, the mutant shape-shifter Mystique!

The VHS cassette inspired box includes amazing original artwork, inspired by the 90’s Animated series! Inside you’ll find the 6-inch scale Mystique figure with the iconic cell-shaded paint application and 5 accessories: 2 firearms, 2 alternate hands, and… A BABY NIGHTCRAWLER?! How cute is that! It really feels like that it makes this character figure a one of kind in and of itself!

Inspired by the 90’s X-men Animated Series, the figure has a unique sculpt and painting to recreate the character’s classic animated show appearance, including her gold skull belt, white dress, blue skin, and yellow eyes! Fans of the show, as well as the comics will be pleased with the look of this figure!

Hasbro has already produced several figures in the line such as Wolverine, Storm, Jean Grey, Jubilee, Morph and Mister Sinister. This specific figure retails for $27.99 and can be pre-ordered from Hasbro Pulse