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Netflix’s ‘Atlas’ – A Familiar But Predictable Story About AI

On May 24, Netflix premiered its latest feature film, Atlas, starring Jennifer Lopez as Atlas Shepherd, a highly intelligent analyst with a grudge against AI, and people in general. In the aftermath of a war caused by...

What to Expect for Netflix’s ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’

After seeing just the first episode of this Netflix adaptation of a childhood favourite in a theatre filled with other Avatar: The Last Airbender fans where we cheered, teared up and howled for joy, I can confidently say that at least episode one will not disappoint the majority of fans.

BEEF – The New Netflix Series You Need To Be Watching

If you haven’t heard, the latest series from Netflix and A24, BEEF is now available to stream, and it is becoming the biggest new series of 2023 that everyone is talking about. The 10-episode series stars...

Netflix Adapting ‘Something Is Killing The Children’

Steven Christy and Ross Richie from Boom! Studios will be serving as Executive Producers, while S.I.K.T.C. co creators James Tynion IV and Werther...

Early Opinions on Netflix’s New Film: HUSTLE

Donavan and I were able to catch an early viewing of Netflix's HUSTLE starring Adam Sandler before it hits streaming and select theaters. Donavan was able to experience the Red Carpet event while in LA, I...

‘Hit Man’: How Deep Can You Hide?

Netflix's newest film, Hit Man surrounds our protagonist, Gary Johnson (Glen Powell). Gary Johnson is a professor who teaches psychology and philosophy at the University of New Orleans. But his second job is going over to...

‘Dead Boy Detectives’ Review – Are You Alive Or Just Breathing?

Dead Boy Detectives', the latest addition to The Sandman Universe, coming to Netlfix on April 25th.

Dev Patel is the ‘Monkey Man’, the Myth, the Legend

Rage is an emotion that is felt by all. It’s human nature to feel enraged when mistreatment occurs whether to ourselves or those we love. It is natural to feel enraged when the person responsible for...

Shirley: The New Voice of African American Women In Politics

Shirley, directed by John Ridley, is a remarkable story about Shirley Chisholm (Regina King) on her way to running for president. In the first few scenes of the movie, she is able to be apart of...

‘Irish Wish’: A Rom-Com Revival for Saint Paddy’s Day (Spoilers!)

Lindsay Lohan is undeniably experiencing  a “Lohanaissance,” and we are living for it! Her recent stint in the Mean Girls musical, and the recent announcement of a long-awaited Freaky Friday sequel has fans are going wild....

‘Spaceman’ Is A Time To Reflect On Life Itself

On March 1st, Netflix’s Spaceman was released, starring Adam Sandler, Carey Mulligan, Kunal Nayar, Isabella Rossellini,  and Paul Dano. It is directed by, Johan Renck. This film follows the protagonist, Jakub Prochazka (Sandler) who is an astronaut...

‘3 Body Problem’ Review – A Mind-Bending Invasion

Check out our review of '3 Body Problem' the new Netflix Series from Benioff And Weiss premiering on March 21st.

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