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Annihilation 2099 #2 – The Guardian of the Galaxy


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Creative Teams – “The Tyrant Star” – Steve Orlando(writer). Jose Luis(penciler). Oren Junior(inker). Arif Prianto(color artist).

“Dracula’s Risen” – Steve Orlando(writer). Dale Eaglesham(artist). Raúl Eaglesham(color artist). VC’s Cory Petit(letterer).

Nick Bradshaw & Rachelle Rosenberg(cover artists). Ken Lashley, Juan Fernandez, Pete Woods(variant cover artists). Kat Gregorowicz(additional logo design). Carlos Loa(designer). Mikey J. Basso(assistant editor). Mark Paniccia(editor). C.B. Cebulski(editor in chief).

Published by Marvel Entertainment

Cover art by Nick Bradshaw & Rachelle Rosenberg. Published by Marvel Entertainment

Be sure to check out the review for Annihilation 2099 #1! Hope you enjoy!

The Lifegiver? Seems inaccurate to me

Starting off in Annihilation 2099 #2, we’re placed on Orkastra-1 in the Orkastra System, just as it’s about to be destroyed. So, this comic already starts off with a wild beginning. Cut to Orkastra-2, where the citizens are begging their “lifegiver” for mercy to not receive the same fate as the first planet. Moving on to Orkastra-3, and these citizens are much more headstrong. They say they won’t beg for mercy and Orkastra-2 does and I have to say, I respect it. The people of Orkastra-3 are blasting their distress signals but no one has answered them. Until a hero does, a hero by the name of Starlord.

Starlord, The Hero

Starlord, or Amandla, is from Planet Wakanda, and is an independent stellar security, and she’s arrived just in time. She’s filled in on the whole situation from the citizens of Orkastra-3 just as Quasar, the citizen’s “lifegiver”, annihilates Orkastra-2 before their very eyes. Amandla jumps straight into action to start her battle against the stellar tyrant. The citizens, who thought their distress call would mean help evacuating, not battling Quasar, try to warn her it’s not a good idea. Nevertheless, Amandla promises they won’t lose another planet and she plans on keeping that promise.

Variant Cover Art by Ken Lashley, Juan Fernandez, Pete Woods. Published by Marvel Entertainment.

Can’t Forget the Vamps

Continuing Dracula’s Risen, we get a small look at what’s going on with our favorite vampire lord. His ship is crashing and his new vampire crew aren’t taking it well. They have to crashland on a new world. Dracula sends out a warning to anyone they come in contact with. If you welcome them with open arms, the energy will be matched. If you attack Dracula and his crew, that energy will also be matched.

The Art

The artwork in Annihilation 2099 #2 is stunning! The vibrant colors juxtaposed with intricate details added dynamism to the panels. Quasar appeared magnificent, resembling the embodiment of the sun. Amandla was depicted beautifully with striking colors and expert shading. I loved all of it. Honestly, the artwork itself deserves a 10 out of 10.

Variant Cover Art by Ken Lashley, Juan Fernandez, Pete Woods. Published by Marvel Entertainment.

The Writing

I found Annihilation 2099 #2 to be a very satisfying story. Amandla was superb as the hero of the comic, and I would love to see more of her. Maybe we can learn more of her backstory? Quasar was an excellent villain with huge stakes attached to his character. I really liked the small continuation of Dracula’s Risen at the end. I feel it gave us just enough to keep me excited for what’s next. Steve Orlando is on such a roll with what he’s putting out, it wasn’t surprising that this would be a banger.

Final Thoughts

This was such a fun read, that I read it twice already. I loved every aspect of Annihilation 2099 #2, and I can’t wait for more! Kudos to the creative team. Y’all did a great job!

I give this a 9.5 out of 10

This article was written by me, Megan from Vigilante Vibes: A Marvel Podcast! If you liked my review, be sure to check out my other reviews! Let me know what you think of Annihilation 2099 #2, or tell me what comics you’d recommend me trying out! Find me on my socials, and check out my Marvel podcast, Vigilante Vibes, by clicking here!

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