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Doctor Strange #17 – THE BLOOD HUNT RAGES ON


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Cover: Alex Ross – Marvel Entertainment

Creative Team: Jed MacKay, Pasqual Ferry, Heather Moore , and Cory Petit (Marvel Entertainment)

In Doctor Strange #17, we find ourselves immersed in a delightfully engaging filler narrative. It that balances humor, folklore, and visually stunning art. The issue centers on Baron Mordo. He is trapped in the Crypt of Shadows with Bats the ghost dog and Sanctum snakes Aleister and Anton.

The interactions between Mordo and the snakes provide comedic relief, with their dialogue being extremely meta. The duo pokes fun at how old Mordo is by saying he still calls the “Marvel” universe the Timely Universe. It’s a fun reference to Timely Comics, which was the original name of Marvel Comics in the 1930s through the 1950s. A brilliant quip from writer Jed Mackay.


Baron Mordo’s escape plan hinges on summoning the “God of Dogs” through a tale recounted by Bats. This sequence is beautifully rendered by artist Pasqual Ferry. The art transporting readers from Bats, who is telling the story, into prehistoric times.

The creative use of panel shapes and art styles effectively distinguishes the flashback from the present timeline. The folklore woven into the story involving humans, dogs, tigers, and the creation of Tiger and Dog gods. It adds a rich layer of depth and charm.

The visual depiction of the Tiger God and the God of Dogs is vibrant and bold. With stunning use of colors by colorist Heather Moore, the art bring these mythical beings to life. When the God of Dogs refers to Bats as his little brother and inhabits his ghost form, granting him immense strength and power, the scene is both powerful and heartwarming. The empowered Bats breaks them out of the Crypt of Shadows, leading to a thrilling confrontation with Victor Strange.


The climactic scene where Bats, imbued with the God of Dogs’ power, bites Victor Strange’s ghost form, ripping him out of Doctor Strange’s body and reversing the vampirism, is a masterpiece of mystical color tones and dynamic contrasts. The art here is a visual treat that glows off the page, enhancing the emotional impact of Stephen Strange’s return to his human form. The panel is almost an homage to Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam. 

This issue stands out not only for its captivating story but also for its focus on Wong and Bats. Wong’s central role provides a refreshing perspective, and Bats the dog emerges as a heroic figure, embodying the essence of man’s best friend. The narrative also serves as a catalyst for Baron Mordo’s escape from the Crypt of Shadows, hinting at future conflicts as he takes Victor Strange’s ghost with him for unknown nefarious purposes.

Overall, Doctor Strange Blood Hunt #17 is a fun and visually stunning filler issue that builds up the main conflicts of the overall narrative arc. The art style, with its soft, detailed illustrations and contrasting pastel colors, adds depth and interest to the story. The issue successfully balances humor, folklore, and action, making it a fun read for fans of the series.

Rating: 8/10

Doctor Strange Blood Hunt #17 is a beautifully crafted and engaging issue that offers a heartwarming and exciting adventure, with Bats the ghost dog stealing the spotlight as the true hero of the story. Bats the dog is a very good boy indeed.

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