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Nightwing #115: Heartless Saga Reaches New Heights


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Nightwing #115

Creative Team:  Tom Taylor (Writer), Bruno Redondo (Artist), Caio Filipe (Inks),  Adriano Lucas (Colorist), Wes Abbott (Letters)

Nightwing #115 – DC Comics

The Writing:

Tom Taylor’s writing in this issue is razor-sharp, much like a scissor slicing through the burning Alfred Pennyworth Foundation banner depicted in the story. The narrative is a tightly woven web of suspense and intrigue, with Heartless’s latest scheme presenting a formidable challenge to Dick Grayson. The mix of heart-pounding action and poignant backstory offers readers a deeper understanding of Nightwing’s inner turmoil, particularly as the issue foreshadows his moment of hesitation at a crucial juncture. The cliffhanger ending leaves fans eagerly anticipating the next issue. Taylor masterfully balances plot and character development, making this a standout chapter in the saga.

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Nightwing #115

Art, Colors, Letters and Layouts:

 From the very cover, it’s clear that Bruno Redondo, alongside Caio Filipe and Adriano Lucas, has crafted a visually stunning issue. The artwork captures the intensity of the narrative, with a vibrant palette dominated by reds and ambers, heightening the drama. The close-up shots of characters’ scars and their complex expressions add a layer of emotional depth, making their struggles more palpable.

Particularly noteworthy are the rain-soaked scenes, which are both visually striking and thematically resonant. Adriano Lucas’s colors shine in these moments, with the hallucination sequences standing out for their surreal and vivid imagery. Wes Abbott’s lettering enhances the dynamic action sequences, with the integration of onomatopoeia adding a visceral punch to the reading experience. The creative team’s synergy is evident, making the visuals and text complement each other perfectly.

Nightwing #115

Final Thoughts

Nightwing #115 is a near-perfect blend of thrilling action, emotional depth, and artistic excellence. Tom Taylor’s gripping storytelling, combined with Bruno Redondo’s powerful art and the impeccable work of Filipe, Lucas, and Abbott, ensures this issue is a must-read. The Heartless Saga continues to impress, and with each issue, the anticipation for what comes next only grows stronger.

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