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Dracula: Blood Hunt #1 – The Call of the Bloodline


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Creative Team – Danny Lore(writer). Vincenzo Carratu(artist). David Curiel(colorist). VC’s Joe Sabino(letterer). Rod Reis(cover artist). Mateus Manhanini (variant cover artist).

Published by Marvel Entertainment

Variant Cover Art by Mateus Manhanini. Published by Marvel Entertainment

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The Lord of Vampires

Diving into Dracula: Blood Hunt #1, we start with the lord of vampires himself, Dracula. He says the end of times is upon us and to everyone’s surprise, he’s trying to stop it. One of his spies walks in to update on her latest missions, but only one seems to interest him. Her mission is to track down a girl, but not just any girl. The girl in question is none other than Blade’s daughter, Brielle Brooks.

The Daughter of the Daywalker

Brielle Brooks lives almost a normal teenage life, besides the fact that she has super powers and is trained to hunt for vampire by her dad, the Daywalker. She’s at school planning a study date with her closest friends when everything goes dark. The sun is blot out and the Blood Event begins. Her powers hit her with a force like never before. Something feels very off about all this.

What is going on?!

Vampires attack out of nowhere, but they’re not attacking like normal vampires would. They’re just going for Brielle, and ignoring everything else around them. She fights and attacks the best she could until she realizes she isn’t fighting alone. She suddenly realizes who’s fighting with her, her father’s oldest nemesis, Dracula. But he’s fighting off the vampires, not fighting alongside them. Clearly, there’s a lot that Brielle doesn’t know, but seems she’s about to find out.

Cover Art by Rod Reis. Published by Marvel Entertainment

The Art

I really enjoyed the art in Dracula: Blood Hunt #1! Dracula’s panels were drawn and colored in a dark gothic way while Brielle’s were much more colorful to match her young and spunky demeanor. The panels where Brielle and Dracula are fighting the vampires are where the artist really flexed their talents. The way Brielle is drawn while fighting does a really great job showing how she fights with so much energy. Dracula’s panels had a beautiful array of colors that contrasted perfectly with his obscure look.

The Writing

I really enjoyed how fast paced this comic was. It made you really experience the excitement and confusion that Brielle was experiencing while Dracula’s even tone made you feel the tension in the air. The story itself is extremely compelling with Dracula tracking down his oldest enemy’s daughter to team up to save the world from the Blood Hunt. Danny Lore does an incredible job at keeping you on the edge of your seat throughout the comic book!

I give this a 10 out of 10

This review was written by me, Megan from Vigilante Vibes: A Marvel Podcast! If you liked my review, be sure to check out my other reviews! Let me know what you think of Dracula: Blood Hunt #1, or tell me what comics you’d recommend me trying out! Find me on my socials, and check out my Marvel podcast, Vigilante Vibes, by clicking here!

Megan Nichole
Megan Nicholehttps://linktr.ee/vigilantevibespodcast
Megan from the Vigilante Vibes: A Marvel Podcast, a nontoxic Marvel podcast that has the goal of spreading positivity and inclusiveness in the Marvel fandom. Group owner of MediaVerse: Comics Unwrapped on Facebook, a nontoxic nerd culture group of 50k+. Comic reviewer for Nerd Initiative.

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