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Blue Beetle Issue 10 Review


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Blue Beetle #10 by Josh Trujillo (Writer), Adrián Gutiérrez (Artist), Wil Quintana (Colorist), Lucas Gattoni (Letters) Credit DC Comics

Creative Team: Josh Trujillo (Writer), Adrián Gutiérrez (Artist), Wil Quintana (Colorist), Lucas Gattoni (Letters)

Blue Beetle #10 – DC Comics

The Writing

Josh Trujillo’s writing shines as the characters unite to combat the rogue AI, Pinnacle. The narrative maintains a relentless pace, keeping readers hooked from start to finish. Trujillo expertly balances action and character development, particularly highlighting Jaime’s growth as he navigates these crisis situations. Ted Kord’s return adds a layer of hope and nostalgia, enriching Jaime’s journey and interactions with Khaji Da. The dynamic between these characters is heartwarming and engaging, making readers root for their success.

Blue Beetle #10 by Josh Trujillo (Writer), Adrián Gutiérrez (Artist), Wil Quintana (Colorist), Lucas Gattoni (Letters) Credit DC Comics

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The Art, Color and Letters

Adrian Gutierrez’s art, combined with Wil Quintana’s colors and Lucas Gattoni’s lettering, creates a visually stunning issue. The choice to set the climactic battle during a rainstorm adds a dramatic effect, enhancing the intensity of the scenes. Gutierrez’s use of varied perspectives and panel angles gives the action sequences a cinematic feel, immersing readers in the conflict.

Quintana’s coloring stands out, especially during the dark, stormy battle. Despite the gloomy setting, pops of vibrant color heighten the drama and emphasize the epic nature of the battle against Pinnacle. The artwork effectively conveys the stakes and emotional weight of the story.

Gattoni’s lettering is another highlight, particularly the unique design of Pinnacle’s beetle lettering with its multicolored background. This detail signifies Pinnacle’s complex and multifaceted nature. The onomatopoeia during fight scenes adds an extra layer of urgency, making readers feel the tension and stakes of the conflict.

Blue Beetle #10 by Josh Trujillo (Writer), Adrián Gutiérrez (Artist), Wil Quintana (Colorist), Lucas Gattoni (Letters) Credit DC Comics

Final Thoughts

Blue Beetle #10 is a thrilling and visually stunning issue that perfectly blends fast-paced action, deep character development, and remarkable artistry. The creative team of Josh Trujillo, Adrian Gutierrez, Wil Quintana, and Lucas Gattoni delivers an intense narrative as Jaime Reyes battles Pinnacle to save Palmera City.

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