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Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver #4 Family Ties and New Beginnings


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It all comes to this. Vision and Quicksilver put it all on the line to save Wanda from being crushed under the rubble of The Wizards hideout under the sea. With the threat of death on her door, she reveals Magneto’s message to them. Will Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver find their greatest strength in this moment of weakness and defeat The Wizard?

Courtesy of MARVEL Entertainment. Cover art by Russell Dauterman.

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Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver Feel The Pressure

The Wizard has Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver right where he wants them: on the brink of defeat. As his underwater base is only moments away from crushing them, Vision and and Quicksilver have to sacrifice their ability to escape to buy Wanda time. It’s in this moment that Wanda decides to stop all of the petty secrets and family trauma and just tell Quicksilver what was in Magneto’s letter to them. He believed that they were better off separated. He admitted that he thinks Wanda would have been better off if Quicksilver had never been resurrected. With the events of The House of M as his proof, he thought that the two of them together would only mean the end of the world, or even worse, the end of the mutants race.

Quicksilver shrugs it off and gives a great pep talk, giving Wanda the confidence to unleash the full extent of her chaos powers and fight back. The Wizard takes his beating from the two of them as Vision examines communications with the “Angel” behind all of these, leaving him in a vulnerable position.

When all is said and done, Vision is returned home safely and a newly resurrected Magneto appears to speak with Wanda and Pietro. He reaffirms his concerns about their relationship and how it affects the world. It’s a great ending as Quicksilver takes it with a smirk, hugs his sister, and leaves her to explain that no matter what, when they are together, they can do the impossible!

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver For The Win

Courtesy of MARVEL Entertainment. Cover art by Chad Hardin & Edgar Delgado

This was a great issue and a fantastic wrap up for this series, which will lead us into another Scarlet Witch #1. Quicksilver really was a right spot in this issue. His banter throughout the series has been great, but it was really amped up here. Not only that, it was great to see him be more sincere and lighthearted with Wanda instead of mean spirited.

The final showdown was a lot of fun. A fully powered Chaos Scarlet Witch was powerful and intimidating. Seeing here breakdown The Wizard and “knock the hope out of him” was cool. It’ll be interesting to see where she goes from here.

The Wizard may have been defeated and removed from the chest board, but the mysterious being behind everything that claims to be an “Angel”, is still very much out there. Whatever it did to Vision was probably more than just a simple injury to e explored later on.

A Beautiful but Dangerous Scarlet Witch

The design of Wanda’s Chaos Power form was great. The sharp, hard lines on her face give her a demonic look and the wings, long sharp fingers, and tentacles take her to another level. She’s definitely a force to reckoned with, beyond just magical spells. It’s hard to make something so intimidating this beautiful, but Tammetta nails it!

The battle with The Wizard is out of this world good. The action is dynamic and thanks to the colors, it all takes on an epic feel. I love the use of contrasting color palettes for Wanda and Pietro, making the fight much more engaging, fun, and easy to follow.

Everything Points to 8/10

As the final issue in the series, the action is turned up to eleven as conflicts are resolved. Wanda gets a big upgrade that was really amazing. I loved seeing Pietro get over himself, be vulnerable, and just be real with Wanda. He truly loves his her and that really shined through in his own special way. There are definitely some set ups for Scarlet Witch’s next series, that looks to continue the efforts of the still mysterious big bad in this book. The art work has been consistently great and it continues here.

Mickey Smith
Mickey Smithhttps://poplme.co/ETtFIMLE/dash
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