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Rogue Sun 19: A Double-Sided Thrill Ride of Family and Action


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Rogue Sun #19 (credit: Image Comics via Black market Narrative)

Creative: Ryan Parrott and Nick Cotton (Writers), Marco Renna  (Artist), Natalia Marques (Colorist), Becca Carey (Letterist), Michael Busuttil (Editor and Design)

Rogue Sun #19, crafted by the talented creative team of Ryan Parrot and Nick Cotton (Writers), Marco Renna (Artist), Natalia Marques (Colorist), and Becca Carey (Letters), is a masterclass in innovative storytelling. This special double-sided flipbook issue provides a unique reading experience, allowing fans to dive into the perspectives of both Dylan and his father, Marcus, as they go after the escaped creatures of the Crystal Menagerie.

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The Writing:

Rogue Sun #19 (credit: Image Comics via Black market Narrative)

The dynamic writing duo, Ryan Parrot and Nick Cotton, bring a refreshing touch to the superhero genre with witty banter and relatable familial tensions. The dialogue between Dylan and Marcus is both humorous and heartwarming, capturing the essence of a father-son relationship. Dylan’s struggles with his father’s high expectations are portrayed with authenticity, adding depth to his character. The traditional superhero quips during battle scenes maintain a lighthearted tone that balances the narrative.

One of the most ingenious aspects of Rogue Sun #19 is its flipbook format. Readers can experience the story from Dylan’s perspective and then flip the book to gain Marcus’s viewpoint. This dual narrative approach not only enriches the storyline but also offers a comprehensive understanding of their complex relationship. The additional backstory provided through Marcus’s perspective builds the world further and leaves readers eager for more.

The Art, Colors and Letters:

Rogue Sun #19 (credit: Image Comics via Black market Narrative)

Marco Renna’s artwork, paired with Natalia Marques’s vibrant colors, brings the high-energy action and emotional nuances to life. The fight sequences are particularly striking, with single-page spreads of Rogue Sun in flight being a visual treat. The quieter moments, laden with underlying tension, are equally compelling, showcasing Renna’s ability to convey subtle emotions through his art.

Becca Carey’s lettering is a standout feature, especially the technique of overlaying Dylan’s internal dialogue in square word balloons over the regular speech balloons. This design choice effectively illustrates Dylan’s half-hearted listening to his father, a typical teenage behavior that many can relate to. When the book is flipped, readers are treated to a fuller understanding of the dialogue, thanks to clearly marked speech balloons that guide the narrative seamlessly.

Final Thoughts:

Rogue Sun #19 is a brilliant addition to the series, blending innovative storytelling with stunning visuals. The flipbook format is a game-changer, providing an immersive reading experience that delves deep into the characters’ psyches and their evolving relationship. Don’t miss out on this exceptional issue—whether you’re reading in print or digitally, it’s an adventure worth flipping for!

Overall Grade 9.3 out of 10

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