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Amazing Spider-Man #50 – 73 Pages of Goblin Fun!


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73 pages!!! Yes … 73 pages!!

ASM #50 is essentially five comics in one, so buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride.

The first thing you’ll notice is the cover – As a huge Green Goblin – Spidey fan, this cover is absolutely stunning and one you’ll probably want the virgin variant if you collect those sorts of things.

Marvel has pulled out all the stops with variant covers from John Romita Sr and Jr, Greg Capullo, Ed McGuinness and many more.

Credit: Marvel

As we crack open this novel, we are taken to the Oscorp sub-basement, where the Living brain is sending a message.

The scientists ask for Peter Parker, but we quickly learn in the opening recap that Spider-Man took on Norman’s sins to save him but became a sinister Spidey in the process.

Norman was able to help Peter but we’re not sure it’s actually worked.

Back to the Living Brain, who is apparently spitting out the message, “Peter Parker is Not Spider-Man.”

What does it mean?!?!

The Goblin(s) is Back!!

The second message the brain spit out was a code of sorts. When Peter goes to ask Norman about it, we get a surprise, “Norman’s not here.” The Goblin is back in all his glory!

You’ll also notice through the book there are splash pages that are exquisite, much like the cover, Marvel knows how to draw your attention.

But I digress.

Norman immediately goes into the attack and boy does this battle deliver.

In the mix, Peter reveals that he has a lab and the Goblin immediately goes to find out what Peter’s been hiding.

Meanwhile, the Living brain transforms into the Walking brain, continuing his previous message that Peter is NOT Spider-Man, but what does it mean?

Back with Peter and Norman, Peter has taken away the Goblin’s powers and is beating him to a pulp. His whole lab thing was a ruse.

But at the right time, Norman reveals that there is still the Goblin inside Peter and he sets that part of him off using a code.

We then realize that the Brain was telling us his message as a warning. Peter really is NOT Spider-Man … anymore. He’s a Goblin.

To be continued…. WOW!!

Story #2

In a secondary anniversary story, we see Spidey and Black Cat exploring the city together.

She then takes off and in the cutest romance ever, leaves Peter to commit a robbery. Couple goals am I right?

Peter finds out that Cat is stealing art pieces that her father failed to get.

It’s sort of a tribute to her late father on his birthday.

Story #3, #4 and #5

Nope, we aint don’t yet!

We get some fun short tales, including flashbacks to Spidey battling the Scorpion, and a really cool, child-like story by Lee Gatlin.

The story is an adorable Spidey’s bday surprise tale and is drawn like a children’s book.

The fifth and final story features Doctor Strange and some pandemic humor … of course.

One … Last … Cliffhanger

We flash back to our main story, with an epilogue as the Walking brain is going to try and save Peter from the Goblin serum.

Dr Connors, his partner and the Brain are off to bring Spidey back!!

Final Thoughts – 8/10

I’m excited to see where this goes.

Obviously this storyline is going to make some folks very angry, but why not explore it and give it a chance?

There are so many great Spider-Man books out there now, why not see what life is like with him as a Goblin, alongside Norman.

It could be amazing … it could also be horrible. Till next time!

Michael Rothman
Michael Rothman
Better known as “SuperheroTok” on TikTok, Michael is an Emmy Award winning entertainment reporter spending over a decade at ABC & Good Morning America, hosting shows like Inside Marvel! Michael brings his unique vision and passion to TikTok, where he also hosts “Shortboxed Presents,” a series focused on everything fans need to know about buying and selling comics in the grading age. He’s also a proud husband, and father to a little golden retriever.

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