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The Immortal Thor #10: The Magic of Capitalism


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The Enchantresses trap has been sprung and now it entangles! The spell that Enchantress used through Thor’s very own comic book has clouded his mind. The Immortal Thor must now battle The Roxxon Thor in the streets of New York, all while bystanders gather for the show. Minotaur, Enchantress, and Executioner watch and wait for their plan to succeed, but is there more to the story that Enchantress weaves?!

Courtesy of MARVEL Entertainment. Cover art by Alex Ross.

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Roxxon Thor! meets The Immortal Thor!

The Roxxon Age of Comix begun last week with the introduction of Thor! Presented by Roxxon! It was in that issue that we finally got to see Enchantresses trap spring upon The Immortal Thor as he read the comic book empowered with her spells. The new, shiny, corporate Thor was a spokesperson for Roxxon products and now at the beginning of issue 10, he stands before the real Thor, ready to challenge him for the rights to the title they both hold.

Al Ewing continues to push boundaries, and defy the limits of what comics can do, especially within the confines of a company like Marvel. Maybe it’s the ham-fisted dialogue, so over the top and cliche that it just works or maybe, in the new age of a Deadpool inhabited MCU, Marvel doesn’t mind making fun of itself. Either way it’s a lot of fun to read!

***The Immortal Thor #10 Spoilers Ahead!***

Courtesy of MARVEL Entertainment. Cover art by Greg Capullo and FCO Plascencia.

Say Hello To My Little Friend!…Thor!

Upon reading the enchanted Roxxon Thor comic, The Immortal Thor finds his mind clouded with cliches and witty action movie banter. He can’t think straight and he can’t focus. Once he realizes little clues in the one-liners he realizes the truth…Enchantress has molded The Keep to look like this new corporate shill Thor. With the power of the comics she’s written, he can wield power similar to the real Thor. It’s a smack in the face with Mjolnir Premium (the Roxxon Thor’s hammer) that makes it glaringly obvious to Thor, as he’s thrown from the offices of Roxxon down to the streets of New York, that this is more than an illusion.

As Thor struggles to fight, he realizes that a cloudy mind only to to be emptied to see. So he stops thinking and he starts feeling. He embraces the silly dialogue in his mind like “Time for round two!” and “That’s not a hammer!”. Once he does this his attacks become clear and precise! The whole scene is quite funny and enjoyable for fans of action movies and the iconic one-liners the have produced.

What is The Real Play In The Immortal Thor?

As it seems that The Keep may not be able to win this fight against Thor, Enchantress enacts her true plot. By keeping Thor busy and focused on his inner dialogue, she can manipulate the situation around them with the power of “seeing is believing”. What Al Ewing and Carlos Magno do here is quite interesting and genius. As a reader I’m not quite sure whether or not Darrio Agger is in on the next play. The Executioner buries Thor’s axe Tormod into The Minotaurs back, seemingly killing him. Is it intentionally ambiguous, or am I just dumb? It’s hard to say with the way this book has been before, but I love it.

As Thor calls his axe, it flies to him covered in Agger’s blood. Everyone on the street has been filming him as he destroys what looks like another Thor, and now he holds the axe used to kill a Roxxon executive. What happens in the next issue will be quite the conundrum for Thor!

Courtesy of MARVEL Entertainment. Cover art by Paulo Siqueira.

All Pencils and No Colors Makes Jack a Dull Boy

This is Carlos Magno’s first issue of The Immortal Thor and the switch over from Ibraim Roberson was flawless. Their art styles are fairly similar. There’s a heavier dose of black ink for shadows, insinuating a much darker present for the God of Thunder. The shading is fantastic though. Everything has an incredible amount of depth. The action scenes are top notch. The hammer movements, flowing capes, and fast movements are all solid work by Magno. Thor looks so powerful and intimidating in this fight.

Matthew Wilson continues his run as colorist for this book and its business as usual. Wilson’s bright rich colors throughout this run become a little more contained and darkened due to the heavy use of black shadowing. I believe this is a good direction for this issue, as the “energy” surrounding Thor will most definitely be dreadful after so many witnesses saw what he did to Roxxon Thor and ALLEGEDLY Darrio Agger. The scenes with the Minotaur in a pool of his own blood are wonderful work, as well as when the skies light up with storms and lightening.

Everything Points To 9/10

The Immortal Thor continues to be well written, beautifully designed book. Al Ewing has crafted an amazing story, commenting on modern social issues in a different and unique way. It’s almost surprising that the publisher he works for allows him to go as far as he does. Ewing is commenting heavily on the greedy, capitalistic society that rules the social world. Corporations will do anything, no matter how silly or embarrassing, to get your attention and keep it for the purpose of selling you something. Ewing isn’t necessarily reinventing the wheel here, but he’s definitely found a way to streamline it!

Mickey Smith
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