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Welcome to an all-new edition of Parlay Points!

For this entry, we’re heading into the home stretch of the end of the Krakoan Era. The X-Men are fighting to the very end to defeat Nimrod and Orchis. Last we saw, Nimrod has activated Sentinel City. What are the X-Men going to down to counter the move?

FALL OF THE HOUSE OF X #4 by Gerry Duggan, Lucas Werneck, Jethro Morales, Bryan Valenza, and Travis Lanham looks to answer that question as their moments of hope appear to be fading fast.

Let’s take a closer look at how things play out now.


With Krakoa near mortally wounded from an Orchis attack, back-up has arrived in the form of APOCALYPSE! The powerhouse begins to lay waste to the Stark Sentinels. Apocalypse begins to talk of how the Mutant leaders failed Krakoa. He vows not to let him die and sacrifices some blood to try reviving him.

Meanwhile, Nimrod leaves Cyclops for dead as Sentinel City is initiated. Luckily, Magik teleports in to save Cyclops from an explosion. Nimrod appears to have the upper hand on victory. All appears to be going in the Machine’s favor until a surprise figure crashes the party.

Charles Xavier arrives with a deal. Readers watch as it appears Xavier is willing to make a deal with the robotic devil himself. What is the fallout of this move? It seems as the X-Men’s hand is forced with their lives hanging in the balance. Where does Apocalypse factor in plans now?

As the battle heats up, another mutant has entered the match. Readers will be bracing for impact after the final image concludes. Get ready for an explosive conclusion forthcoming.

Duggan gives a big majority of the issue to spotlighting Apocalypse. Introducing this wild-card into the mix presents a fresh look at how events are unfolding. The writing of his reaction to Krakoa speaks volumes for the stakes at hand. It sets up for a big pay-off in the upcoming conclusion.


The deal with Xavier is a moment fans will have plenty of reactions to. Knowing where he is connected with the fall of Krakoa, seeing the dangerous play fits in with his guilted behavior. The fallout is immense. It sets forth the closing chapter of Krakoa with a very strong lead.

The art duties are split between Werneck and Morales for this chapter. Apocalypse greets fans with a bold full page panel introduction. Each following panel showcases the sheer brutality he brings in combat. Seeing the anger build with trying to save Krakoa helps connect with readers unsure of his true play.

Xavier and Cyclops have a moment to process actions that will grab attention. Seeing Xavier trying to rationalize things is a contrast to Cyclops’ anger. This rolls into the X-Men into action. There’s a great full page action image that sets the tone for the conclusion. As impressive as that is, the final full page panel puts an exclamation point on where things head from here.


Apocalypse takes center stage as the end of the Krakoan Era draws closer. Duggan’s writing sets a high bar with emotion and action. The art team gives fans plenty to enjoy with superb images leading into the X-Men’s last stand.

Hit me up on ODPHpod social media and let me know your thoughts on Fall Of The House Of X #4. Thanks for reading.


Ken M.
Ken M.https://odphpodcast.com/
Executive Producer/Host of the ODPH (Ocho Duro Parlay Hour) Podcast. Ken is also Nerd Initiative's Comics Editor-In-Chief/Brand Advisor and host of "Turn A Page". Ken is also a freelance Pro Wrestling Blogger and an all around fan of Sports, Movies Tv, Comics and Pro Wrestling

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