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Red Hood: The Hill #3 – A Hellish Showdown Unfolds!


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Red Hood The Hill #3 – Credit DC Comics

Creative Team: Shawn Martinbrough (Writer), Tony Akins (Artist),  Matt Herms (Colors), Troy Peteri (Letters) 

Red Hood The Hill #3 – DC Comics

In the heart of the Hill, chaos reigns as Jason Todd faces his toughest challenge yet—demonic creatures prowling the streets. But the real monsters lurk in the shadows, manipulating events to their advantage. Writer Shawn Martinbrough, artist Tony Akins, colorist Matt Herms, and letterer Troy Peteri deliver a gripping tale of vigilante justice amidst supernatural turmoil.

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Red Hood The Hill #3 – Credit DC Comics

The Writing

Martinbrough crafts a compelling narrative, seamlessly blending street-level crime with supernatural elements. The stakes are higher than ever as corruption collides with otherworldly threats, keeping readers on the edge of their seats. Character development shines, adding depth and emotion to the vigilante team. Revelations about Demetrius’s influences add intriguing layers to the storyline, promising even greater intrigue ahead.

The Art, Color and Layouts

Akins’s artwork is stellar, capturing both the grit of urban warfare and the otherworldly horrors unleashed upon the Hill. Herms’s colors enhance the atmosphere, shifting seamlessly between light and dark to match the story’s tone. Peteri’s lettering ensures smooth transitions between scenes, guiding readers through the action with ease.

Standout Moments

The introduction of Lenny, a seemingly harmless comic enthusiast with unexpected ties to the unfolding chaos, adds a unique twist to the narrative. His character design is a highlight, setting the stage for potential complications in our heroes’ quest.

Red Hood The Hill #3 – Credit DC Comics

Final Thoughts

Red Hood: The Hill #3 delivers an exhilarating blend of crime-fighting and supernatural suspense. With strong writing, captivating artwork, and well-executed character dynamics, this issue is a solid edition to the series. Don’t miss the thrilling continuation of Jason Todd’s battle against the forces of darkness!

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