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OUTSIDERS #5: Gala of Ghouls


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Outsiders #5: by Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, Robert Carey, Valentina Taddeo, and Tom Napolitano. (Credit DC Comics. Cover by Roger Cruz and Adriano Lucas.)

Outsiders #5:


Writers-  Jackson LanzingCollin Kelly

Artist- Robert Carey

Colors- Valentina Taddeo

Letters- Tom Napolitano

Cover by Roger Cruz and Adriano Lucas.


Kate and Luke are transported into a demon bar from Hell as Kate meets Nat, a demonic vampire looking to lure her into the underworld. Meanwhile, Luke battles his heroic urges to fight every being within the club, and this issue delivers us on a trip toward yet another wacky yet haunted dimension.

The Art:

So far, each issue has had a vastly different take on the artwork. Each one gives us an array of characters and colors. This issue brings us some familiar faces, such as Clayface and Manbat, while Valentina crushes the tone with the coloring. The deep shades of purple and blue with black mesh together extremely well, bringing a vibrant look to this otherwise dark story.

Robert draws up some extraordinarily creepy panels, leaving some characters without their heads and tortuous souls. The art and colors are a vastly strong point in this particular issue.

Outsiders #5: by Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, Robert Carey, Valentina Taddeo, and Tom Napolitano. (Credit DC Comics. Cover by Roger Cruz and Adriano Lucas.)

The Writing:

Kelly and Lanzing bring a different theme and lesson to each issue of this slept-on comic. Their ability to transition between themes and genres, pulling from deep pop-culture cuts, makes this run a lot of fun.

It has the intrigue and ability to look inside yourself, as our heroes are stuck questioning themselves and their intents. If this duo ever went separate ways, it would be akin to Jordan and Pippin breaking up the 96 Bulls.

There is no other way to put it. The two heads put together to draft up some of the wackiest and most intriguing tales no matter the universe.


This is a severely underrated comic book run to which more people should pay attention. The characters shine a new light on some of the bat-family while getting fresh and new ideas. The art, along with the writing, blend, delivering a mysteriously exciting adventure.


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