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TMNT Sourcebook Vol #1 OOZES with Knowledge!


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Back in 2011, a little company by the name of IDW decided to reinvent and reinvigorate the Ninja Turtles franchise! Here we are 13 lucky years later and this series has done that and more!


Cellphonewalletkeys Favorite Cover Issue #132 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from IDW

Volume one is going to stick to the “street-level” stuff. But I would go further and say “earth-based” and a bit of history of the Foot and the Hamato Family. Leading up to today, turtles, the other Heroes, Villians, and of course, my personal favorite, Turtle Slash!

The next three volumes will cover Dimension X, Time Travel and Magic, finishing off in Mutant Town in Vol 4.

Yep! This is a great idea, IMHO. There have been too many encyclopedias and reference books for our beloved franchises over the years, and usually because of “REASONS” a few years later, they become obsolete. Not the Turtles. Their story has stayed in the same main timeline, so it makes sense to break up the books to adorn your shelf, coffee table, party wagon or lair.

Matt from “Hops Geek News” FAVORITE COVER ISSUE #89
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cover courtesy of IDW Publishing

So it is a boring picture book with blurbs?

SHELL NO! Each of these 100 pages are CRAFTED. Going over key points of the characters and storylines to give the casual reader or mutant lover an idea of what they may or may not have missed on the paneled pages.

We get an outside commentary on things spattered throughout the book from Renet, the Time Mistress, and Dr. Lilja, Donatello’s frenemy. It gives depth and perspective to the information dump that this book gives.

Remember, this is about the IDW TURTLES! So, if you pick this up randomly and expect adorable SatAM characters, you are in for a totally tubular treat.

Is this going to join your collection? Or are you going to wait and hope IDW makes a huge hardcover with all four volumes? Who or what has been your favorite story from IDW’s Turtles? We want to know! After you hit up your LCS, leave your comments below, and stay tuned to The Nerd Initiative for all your Ninja Turtle News!


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