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Wolverine, Issue 43: Sabretooth War Part 3


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Creative Team: 

Writers: Victor LaValle & Benjamin Percy; Artist: Geoff Shaw; Color Artist: Alex Sinclair; Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit; Cover Artists: Leinil Francis Yu & Romulo Fajardo Jr; Variant Cover Artists: Meghan Hetrick & Olivier Vatine. 

Wolverine from Marvel Comics

This run of Wolverine has been going on for a few years now, however, the Sabretooth War has only just begun, and this issue kicks off part 3. While I recommend reading all 43 issues and beyond, this is the perfect time to jump in. Issue 41 started a whole new story featuring Logan’s most annoying enemy: Victor Creed AKA Sabretooth. We last saw Logan in a panic looking for his daughter, Laura, as Sabretooth did what he loves to do, and showed up to wish his favorite “runt” a very happy birthday, in a very disturbing way. 

Check out the Review for Issue 42.

Wolverine Issue 43, Variant Cover. All images by Marvel Comics.
Wolverine Issue 43, Variant Cover. All images by Marvel Comics.

The Story for Issue #43

We quickly learn what became of Laura, while also learning the various “Sabreteeth” are un-shockingly not working all that well together. However, the real story in this issue is why Sabretooth is doing what he’s doing. As the story goes from flashbacks of Logan and Victor working together, to the present day, we see it’s not all just revenge and fun. Meanwhile, one method Sabretooth is utilizing to keep tabs on what his old pal, Logan, is doing, is quite disturbing. Unfortunately for him, however, it may also contribute to his downfall.

Wolverine Issue 43, Variant Cover. All images by Marvel Comics.
Wolverine Issue 43, Variant Cover. All images by Marvel Comics.

The Art

This story gives us exactly what we love and expect from a Wolverine & Sabretooth comic: beauty, gore, muscles, and claws. There are different timelines, and stories all happening throughout this issue, and the art helps keep all that smooth and consistent. Whether it’s a flashback scene, a memory, or somewhere else entirely, the art does a fantastic job of creating a different atmosphere, all the while not taking you out of the story.

Wolverine, Issue 43: Sabretooth War Part 3, Rating: 8.5/10

While Logan is still processing what all just happened, Sabretooth takes a nap, reminisces about the past, and gets right back to it. I can’t wait to see how this all plays out, with so many stories all closing in at once. If you feel overwhelmed at all, no need to worry as throughout this series there is always a catch up paragraph to kick off each issue. However, if you’re loving it all and need more, you can also go check out Sabretooth and the Exiles.

All in all, if you’re a Wolverine fan, you should definitely be reading this run, and there is literally no better time to catch up on Wolverine than right now (I’m still riding the high of that Deadpool & WOLVERINE trailer)! So, grab this comic, throw on some yellow spandex, open a Canadian lager, and enjoy. SNIKT!

Lauren is half of Hops GEEK News: a weekly podcast that discusses all things geek pop culture, while enjoying a craft beer of the week. They also interview many different people from the comic book world and beyond.

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