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It All Hangs in the Balance – RED HOOD: THE HILL


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Red Hood The Hill #1 – Credit DC Comics

Creative Team: Shawn Martinbrough (Writer), Sanford Greene (Artist),  Matt Herms (Colors), Troy Peteri (Letters) 

Red Hood The Hill #1- DC Comics

In Red Hood the Hill #1, Jason Todd, along with his new allies, navigates the treacherous streets of the Hill, once a dangerous Gotham suburb now undergoing gentrification. With Strike leading the charge, a band of vigilantes fights to maintain order as a new villain emerges, threatening the safety of their community.

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Red Hood The Hill #1 – Credit DC Comics

The Writing

The creative team, led by writer Shawn Martinbrough and artist Sanford Greene, delivers a gripping narrative that seamlessly blends action, intrigue, and personal struggles. The issue skillfully integrates backstory for new readers while advancing the overarching plot, making it a captivating read for both newcomers and those that picked up issue 0.

Martinbrough’s writing masterfully balances the complexities of street-level heroics, corrupt politics, and personal dilemmas. The dialogue feels authentic, reflecting the characters’ motivations and the challenges they face. While familiarity with the series enhances the experience, the issue stands alone as a compelling introduction to the world of Red Hood and the Hill.

The Art, Color and Layouts

Greene’s gritty artwork, complemented by Matt Herms’ atmospheric colors, immerses readers in the gritty urban landscape of the Hill. The meticulous line work and shadowing add depth to each panel, enhancing the sense of danger and suspense. The traditional paneling encourages readers to savor each moment, uncovering hidden details amidst the chaos.

Red Hood The Hill #1Credit DC Comics

Final Thoughts

Red Hood the Hill #1 excels as a thrilling street-level hero tale, offering heart-pounding action, nuanced characters, and a richly realized setting. With its compelling narrative and stunning artwork, this issue earns a well-deserved recommendation for fans of the genre.

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