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Shazam #8 – Wisdom vs. Alien Dino Chaos!


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Creative Team: Mark Waid (Writer), Goran Sudžuka (Artist), Ive Svorcina(Colorist), Troy Peteri (Letters)

Shazam #8 – Mark Waid (Writer),Goran Sudžuka (Artist), Ive Svorcina (Colorist), Troy Peteri (Letters) Credit DC Comics

Shazam #8 – DC Comics

Shazam #8 takes readers on an interesting ride as the Captain contends with a new threat – alien dinosaurs with their insane paperwork requirements. Authored by Mark Waid and brought to life by the talented creative team of Goran Sudžuka (Artist), Ive Svorcina (Colorist), and Troy Peteri (Letters), this issue continues the fun and humorous times with Shazam and his ever growing extended family.

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The Writing

In the aftermath of a fierce battle with Black Adam, Shazam grapples with the Batson Family’s homelessness and the relentless pursuit of The Dinosaurs who are after their paperwork and their Auditor. The storyline takes an intriguing turn by highlighting Shazam’s use of Solomon’s wisdom, emphasizing brains over brawn. The narrative maintains a playful and enjoyable tone suitable for readers of all ages, while still honoring the longstanding rivalry between Shazam and Black Adam.

Shazam #8 – Mark Waid (Writer),Goran Sudžuka (Artist), Ive Svorcina (Colorist), Troy Peteri (Letters) Credit DC Comics

Mr. Tawny, a standout character, shines in the limited panels he occupies, adding depth and charm to the story. The family dynamics continue to be a driving force, offering relatable, humorous, and touching moments. The issue serves as a satisfying wrap-up to its mini-storyline, leaving readers with a tantalizing glimpse of what lies ahead.

The Art, Colors and Letters

Shazam #8 – Mark Waid (Writer),Goran Sudžuka (Artist), Ive Svorcina (Colorist), Troy Peteri (Letters) Credit DC Comics

Goran Sudžuka’s art, coupled with Ive Svorcina’s vibrant colors, masterfully captures the mental struggles Shazam faces. The visuals not only enhance the narrative but also bring to life the emotional journey of the characters.

The lettering, especially for the dinosaur characters, stands out with subtly broken text and speech bubbles, creating a growling voice effect. This adds a layer of humor, making these characters more memorable.

The creative depiction of Shazam flying with the auditor, perched on his arm like a bird, injects a delightful sense of fun into the panels. These inventive scenes contribute to the overall enjoyment of the comic.

One minor critique revolves around Darla’s unexplained space flight with her regular attire, leaving a small gap in the otherwise well-crafted visuals.

Final Thoughts

Shazam #8 successfully delivers a balance of entertaining storytelling, character development, and visually appealing artwork. The issue remains true to the essence of Shazam’s character while introducing new challenges and maintaining a sense of anticipation for future developments.

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