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‘Percy Jackson And The Olympians’ Review – A Mini Magical Adventure


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I was never able to read the Percy Jackson book series as it came out. Truth be told, what sold me on watching this series was the Greek mythology and that Adam “Edge” Copeland would be playing the part of Ares. I also didn’t realize until I was a few episodes into the series that this was the last project that the late, great Lance Reddick was involved in.

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I usually prefer when a TV series releases with weekly episodes because it gives people like me and my peers a chance to digest what happened and to discuss or theorize as to what might happen the following week. However, I feel the series would have benefited from being released all at once, as Marvel’s Echo recently was. Specifically, there were a couple of episodes in the middle in which not much happened and it was disappointing to have to wait another week to get more from the story. The weekly format would’ve worked better in this case had the episodes been longer and/or if there were more than just eight episodes.

The show started strongly by introducing the audience to the character of Percy Jackson (Walker Scobell) but felt a little rushed in real time because Percy was being introduced to the magical world while literally running for his life. At times, I found Percy to be a little annoying. That could be because I didn’t understand how someone who is being told about magical creatures and things existing that he was previously unaware of could deny it so wholeheartedly. However, after reflecting on that a little, keeping in mind that Percy had been told he’s just imagining things his entire life, I could see how he would outright deny it—although had it been me I would have felt a lot more vindicated in that moment.

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Some things that happened were a little too easy to telegraph, but that’s not always a bad thing. When it was all said and done it was a giant fetch quest for lack of a better word because the core of the plot was for them to complete a quest.

There were standout performances from the aforementioned Adam Copeland as Ares, Jessica Parker Kennedy (who I had only seen in the CW’s The Flash prior to this) as Medusa and Lance Reddick as Zeus. Even though Lance only had one scene, he was wonderful as always. It’s truly sad we won’t get to see him anymore due to his passing last year.

There is an end-credit scene after the finale that doesn’t set up anything for the future but is still well worth the watch because it involves a certain someone featured in the show. You’ll know it when you see it.

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Overall, I’d say this show is worth a watch if you’re into Greek mythology, Harry Potter or just want a mini magical adventure. Especially now that all the episodes are out, Percy Jackson and the Olympians is definitely a binge-worthy show.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians was just renewed for Season 2, check out the trailer for Season 1 below!

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