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Edenwood #4: Games – When should the past dictate your future?


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Creative Team

Story and Art: Tony S. Daniel; Colors: Leonardo Paciarotti; Letters: Nathan Kempf; Covers A,B & C: Tony S. Daniel & Leonardo Paciarotti; Cover D: Javier Fernandez & Leonardo Paciarotti. 

Edenwood by Image Comics

The first issue kicked off with a group of teenagers hanging out by a lake. We quickly see these teenagers are growing up in a supernatural, dystopian world, and are then thrown into different worlds and timelines. All the while the US government is literally in negotiations with demons. In the last issue we saw our main character, Rion the demon hunter, catch up with an old friend from the lake. Still unsure who and what to trust he’s on a mission for the Witch War Council, and he quickly finds himself also second guessing what is real.

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The Story for Issue 4

Issue 4 once again takes us into the past when Rion was still mentoring under Bastille. This flashback leads to the tragic origin story of Bastille, before continuing the story where we last saw Rion.

Edenwood Issue #4 by Tony S. Daniel. All images by Image Comics.
Edenwood Issue #4. All images by Image Comics.

Back to present day, we see Rion knowing he’s in a game, but still struggling with what is actually real. As his parents suddenly appear, he overhears a conversation he was never meant to hear. With more questions than answers the truth of his past is revealed, only to leave more questions. Will learning this secret create his doom, or help him better fight the evil he has been battling all along?

Edenwood Issue #4 by Tony S. Daniel. All images by Image Comics.
Edenwood Issue #4. All images by Image Comics.

The Art

This comic continues to have stunning art that moves the story along. Whether a fight is incurring, or an emotional moment between old friends, the art sets the tone beautifully.  

Edenwood Issue #4 Rating: 9/10

All in all this comic has been non stop adventure and mystery. From politics, to friendships, to being in the business of killing demons, there’s never a dull moment. This fourth issue really started to dive into the past making everything seem not exactly as it has appeared. If you’ve ever taken an interest in any supernatural story, this comic is a must to add to your pull list.

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