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SatAM Adventures Dungeons & Dragons #1


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Come with us, fair adventurers, as we embark on a journey into the past to the olden days when children sat too close to magic boxes and ate over sweetened grain puffs floating in a sea of cows’ milk!

That’s right we are back in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. But not the 5E or even 3.5. We are throwing back to the ’80s when CBS had this Cartoon on later in the morning but before the lame satuday “very special episodes”

credit: IDW Publishing

A Motley Crew

Boy does this give all the nostalgia vibes. The continuation of the story is now in it;s second itteration even if this is issue #1 but the characters all spot on! I can still hear Frank Welker braying as Uni. Poor Bobby the Barbarian still catching the short end of the club.

David Booher knows theses characters so nothing seems out of the ordinary they are right in line with the animated old school counter parts. I will say the art style by George Kambadais lend its self nicely to this modern telling.

Anyway the Dungoen Master has fallen ill and the team are looking for someone who they beleive can help them save tier mentor/friend.

Drow it’s a Drow

Yes the team is looking for a specific drow to aid in the quest to save the Dungeon Master. Guess who they happen to meet… Drizzt Do’urden! The legendary character fom D&D lore, video games, MtG cards, etc etc, MERCHANDISING! The kids obvioulsy being familiar start to fanboy.

After meeting with the Dungoen master Drizzt has a contact just off the Sword Coast who might be able to assist. Sadly their Spelljammer (Flying ship) is going into a no fly zone. So the crash and happen to meet Drizzt’s contact: Jarlaxle.

credit: IDW Publishing

Players Notes

As a first issue jumping back in to the story line it’s a fair jumping point. Introducing these legendary characters from D&D history thickens the plot and with this cartoon style we might get a new side of the caharacters we’ve never seen.

This is an easy read to give you just the right amount of railroading before the sotry hits hard and the BBEG is on the page.

Final Score 8 with a +4 for Nostalgia and and additonal +4 for History so 16 total.

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