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Guardians of the Galaxy Issue #10: “The Guns of Home”


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Creative Team

Writers: Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing; Artist: Kev Walker; Color Artist: Matt Hollingsworth; Letters: VC’s Cory Petit; Cover: Emilio Laiso & Bryan Valenza; Design: Jay Bowen; Assistant Editor: Noah Sharma; Editor: Darren Shan; Editor in Chief: C.B. Cebulski.

Guardians of the Galaxy – Marvel Comics

What started as a western feel of a comic, and a major guardian missing, has turned into a journey of self discovery and peace. While the guardians mourned the loss of Groot they also continued to fight him in what they called, Grootfall. When they later learned, all was not what it seemed, they began to find peace, and essentially be “reborn.” However, not everyone in the galaxy is feeling zen. While the guardians may feel at peace now, that is about to all change as the battle of the branchworlds begins in issue 10.

Check another Nerd Initiative review of a Marvel Comic from, Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing, collectively called, the Hivemind.

Guardians of the Galaxy Issue 10 Cover. Images from Marvel Entertainment.
Guardians of the Galaxy Issue 10 Cover – All images are from Marvel Entertainment.

The Story for Issue 10

We begin issue 10 with a sweet and funny moment (involving Drax’s soul) between the guardians, only to quickly have it disrupted. As the guardians now strive to save Grootspace, they’re forced to face their past. Primarily Peter’s past, as they’re up against his sister: Empress Victoria of Spartax, who brought an armada with her. As our space team of misfits just want to talk, their attempt to continue their journey of zen, is not well received. So they do what they do best. Give it their all, with continual jokes and sarcasm. When Empress Victoria of Spartax shows nothing but rage, Peter decides he now wants much more than to just talk.

Variant Cover for Guardians of the Galaxy Issue 10, from Marvel.
Guardians of the Galaxy Issue #10 Variant Cover. All images by Marvel Entertainment.

The Art

Every issue seems to take the Guardians to a whole new world (Aladdin reference not intended). Whether they’re on a planet, in space, or somewhere in between, every page is beautifully detailed. Each character’s expressions and attitudes fit so perfectly that you can always tell what they’re feeling in that moment. All the while, the art is a lot of fun. Mantis is hands down my favorite character in this run. She’s (rightfully so), had a range of emotions and costume changes, and I have loved every single version of her writing and art wise. Overall, the art is detailed, moving, and a damn good time! 

Guardians of the Galaxy Issue 10 Rating: 9/10

As someone who was first introduced to The Guardians of the Galaxy via the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I thought this comic nailed the characters I fell in love almost 10 years ago (I did the math twice, it checks out). However, they all had a twist to them, making this comic stand out from their now infamous movie counterparts, while still being recognizable.

Meanwhile, the story is innovative with twists and turns, action, and constant giggles. I can’t wait to see how this tragic turned zen story closes out in the next issue. I highly recommend any Marvel fan to add this one to their pull list. Also, while you’re at the comic book shop, make sure to grab anything else that has Kelly & Lanzing on the cover. You won’t be disappointed.

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