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Black Hammer The End #5: What would you do to save everything?


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Creative Team: 

Writer: Jeff Lemire; Artist: Malachi Ward; Color Flats: Bryce Davidson; Letterer: Nate Piekos of Blambot; Cover A Artist: Malachi Ward; Cover B Artist: Caitlin Yarsky. 

Black Hammer The End from Dark Horse Comics

The Comic, Black Hammer The End is a continuation of the Black Hammer comic series (and possibly the end of it). Black Hammer first debuted in 2016. Since then it has won many awards, and had a crossover story with DC’s Justice League. However, do not let that discourage you from checking this story out. Like many of the best stories told today, they hold up on their own, and in a bigger universe. 

In the last issue we saw an epic battle literally put on hold. A battle against demons and the Anti-God was not going well in Spiral City, so a quick spell was done to (metaphorically) freeze Anti-God. While the length of said spell is unknown, everyone has been told to get whoever they can, because without Black Hammer, they can’t take down Anti-God like they did last time.

Meanwhile, Lucy AKA Black Hammer, struggles with the guilt of being Black Hammer verse, the guilt of keeping her kids safe. Only to then discover her daughter is gone. What she doesn’t know, however, is Rose just met her Grandfather. Kind of.

Black Hammer The End Issue 5 - All images by Dark Horse Comics
Black Hammer The End Issue 5 – All images by Dark Horse Comics

Check out the Review for Issue 3 from Lauren.

The Story for Issue #5

Issue 5 of Black Hammer The End picked up right #4 left off. However, first, we learned a bit about Randall Weird, the comic creator in the story. My assumption, that he personally experienced the events of previously defeating Anti-God, and then capitalized on his experience, but pretended it was fiction, was very far from the truth.

While his intentions still remain a mystery, we now know he had a huge part in bringing Anti-God back. With Mr. Weird, we still see Rose and her grandfather (from another universe) at a standstill, as she struggles with making the decision to take over as Black Hammer in place of her mother.

Meanwhile, Anti-God is still frozen and ready to break free from the temporary spell he was placed under. In a Hail Mary attempt to defeat him, we see a group of prisoners being released in hopes they will help. When the fate of all the universes is at stake, I suppose there really are no bad ideas.

Black Hammer The End Issue 5 - All images by Dark Horse Comics
Black Hammer The End Issue 5 – All images by Dark Horse Comics

The Art

Overall, the art has been consistent, detailed, and beautiful. However, this issue seemed to have a bit more beauty to it. More than once, I had to stop reading and truly take in and appreciate the art.

In addition to the beauty, the art keeps the story flowing. In a comic story where the reader is regularly visiting different worlds with different characters, the art plays a big role in making sure the reader is following along. That has been consistently achieved in all the issues thus far.

Black Hammer: The End #5 Rating: 8/10

While a villain who is literally trying to end everything seems to be the main story here, it’s not the one I’ve enjoyed the most. With literally everything at stake, the struggle Lucy, AKA Black Hammer, has been dealing with is definitely one only a fictional character can fully relate to.

Nevertheless she still feels relatable. Do you sacrifice your kids to save multiple worlds, or do you sacrifice multiple worlds for your kids? In the end, if nothing is left, what have you done for your kids?

All in all, this is a fantastic and unique world with so many different characters and powers, while still exploring real life issues. If you love superhero stories, but are looking for something different, definitely add this to your pull list.

Lauren is half of Hops GEEK News: a weekly podcast that discusses all things geek pop culture, while enjoying a craft beer of the week. They also interview many different people from the comic book world and beyond.

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