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Void Rivals #6: Unveiling the Cosmic Odyssey


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Creative Team: Robert Kirkman (Writer), Lorenzo De Felici (Artist), Matheus Lopes (Colorist) and Rus Wooton (Letters)

VOID RIVALS #6 by Robert Kirkman, Lorenzo De Felici, Matheus Lopes and Rus Wooton (Credit: Skybound Entertainment and Image Comics)


Void Rivals #6 delivers a powerful conclusion to its first story arc, as Premier Zalilak intensifies efforts to thwart Darak and Solila’s escape from Zertonia. Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo De Felice skillfully weave a narrative that combines gripping visual storytelling with intricate character development.

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Kirkman’s storytelling prowess is evident in the seamless continuation of the visual narrative. Each panel unfolds with precision, creating a captivating rhythm that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. The story arc, far from stagnating, continues to evolve, leaving readers in suspense and eagerly anticipating the next installment. The deliberate withholding of answers adds a layer of mystery, intensifying the desire for more revelations.

The Writing:

The narrative’s strength lies in its ability to build characters while keeping readers guessing about their fates. Trust, a recurring theme throughout this arc, undergoes multiple trials, enriching the character dynamics. The evolving relationships not only between Darak and Solila but also with supporting characters contribute to the emotional depth of the story. Kirkman successfully navigates the delicate balance of investing readers in Darak and Solila’s journey while keeping the outcome uncertain.

VOID RIVALS #6 by Robert Kirkman, Lorenzo De Felici, Matheus Lopes and Rus Wooton (Credit: Skybound Entertainment and Image Comics)

One notable aspect is the inclusion of previously introduced characters, creating a sense of a cohesive universe. These callbacks spark intrigue, prompting readers to speculate on the larger picture and how these characters will intertwine with the broader narrative, especially considering the interconnected nature with other titles.

The Art, Colors and Letters:

The artistic collaboration between De Felici, Lopes, and Wooton reaches new heights in this issue. The attention to detail in the visual elements is breathtaking. Scenes come alive with a meticulous touch, and the action sequences unfold with a kinetic energy that engages the reader. Lopes’s colors not only enhance the tone but also play a pivotal role in distinguishing various settings, especially in the dynamic space sequences.

Final Thoughts:

Void Rivals 6 effectively leaves readers with more questions than answers, maintaining the series’ signature suspense. As the story hurtles toward the center of the Sacred Ring, the synergy between the creative team members continues to elevate this series, making it a standout in the ever-expanding world of comic books. This issue, with its narrative depth, character development, and visual brilliance, cements Void Rivals as a must-read for comic enthusiasts!

Overall Grade 9 out of 10

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