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Lotus Land #1 – What secrets does the case hold?


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Another week, another comic book review.

This week’s review is on Lotus Land issue number one, written by Darcy Van Poelgeest and illustrated by Caio Filipe. As well as  adding to the roster for colorist, Patricio Delpeche and letterer Nate Piekos. This run follows Detective Bennie Strikeman, who is on a mission to investigate an unusual case.

He was sent to investigate “The Keeper Program” that has been existing for a long time. Detective Strikeman has been sent to track down an old colleague, and also a man who he needs to speak to about the Keeper program. There are tons of characters that Detective Strikeman interacts with, and also some personal issues that he is dealing with.

Image Credit: Boom Studios!

Like last week, I praise the illustration and the attention to detail for the illustrations. I also like there is a variety of diversity seen in this first comic. I was intrigued to read further along as to what the Keeper program is, and where will Detective Strikeman end up at. 

This comic seems a little more mature, with some violent moments at times. Detective Strikeman is intriguing, with his attitude towards his detective work, and also his son.  

Image Credit: Boom Studios!

I also love the post-apocalyptic feel to the first issue, as well as the storyline that is well structured. I am curious for the next issue if Strikeman’s son has some type of tie to the Keeper Program.

The ending once again, has me on the edge to see what the next issue will bring. Will Detective Strikeman solve the case? Will he track down any other people that he needs to help him figure the case? 

Overall, I give this comic a 7.5/10, and will be looking forward to the next issue.


Janelle Holland
Janelle Holland
My name is Janelle, and I love comics, T.V. shows, movies. I enjoy everything from Marvel to DC. You can usually find me with a comic book in my hand and some coffee.

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