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STAR WARS: VISIONS – PEACH MOMOKO #1 – An exceptional read in a galaxy far, far away


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STAR WARS: VISIONS – PEACH MOMOKO #1 by PEACH MOMOKO (Credit: Marvel entertainment)

Welcome to an all new edition of Parlay points, the comic book review blog to the ODPH Podcast!

For this edition, we are checking out an imaginative tale told in a galaxy far, far away courtesy of Marvel Comics! Since its’ debut on Disney Plus in September of 2021, Star Wars: Visions has given fans new perspectives and creativity in storytelling.

Allowing diverse creators to bring unique approaches to the mythos has been nothing but a success. With two critically praised series, it has breathed new life into an already successful franchise.

Along with the animated series, the brand has made the transition to comic form with Star Wars: Visions by Takashi Okazaki in 2022. The brand is now returning with an all new story with one of the biggest and innovative creators at the helm.

STAR WARS: VISIONS – PEACH MOMOKO #1 by the one and only PEACH MOMOKO (Ultimate X-Men, Demon Days) dives into the world of the Sith in an unforgettable story. Let’s not wait any longer and take a closer look.


The issue begins with a great introduction page explaining the major players of Kako (a “rebel” to Ankok and Sith descendant), Popo (a resident in Ankok’s territory), Gel (Kako’s android partner) and Tata (An Ankok advocate).

STAR WARS: VISIONS – PEACH MOMOKO #1 by PEACH MOMOKO (Credit: Marvel entertainment – cover: Stan Sakai)

In the wake of a Sith Lord’s demise, a cult has risen with hopes of a new era centered around Ankok. As the followers have grown, some question the true intentions of the powerful figure.

The story begins with mysterious followers draped in red walking towards a guarded compound. Inside a figure is sitting on a throne at the top of the altar of worship.

Once the red sun aligns itself through the compound opening, it shifts colors to black. Readers see how this fuels the figure sitting on their throne. This figure is Ankok.

With Tata serving as a guide, Ankok’s influence generates into her followers. Two in the crowd look with disbelief as the rest of the crowd disperses. They are Kako and Gel. as they head into town, the pair comes across Popo.

The interaction is brief but leads Popo to follow the pair. Once on the outskirts of town, readers see a moment with Kako that sets in motion a plan to expose Ankok’s truths once and for all.

How does the gamble pay off? The moments following show a test of will as Kako takes the plan right to Ankok’s altar. The action picks up as the struggle becomes overwhelming. The outcome is sure to leave fans on the edge of their seats. This all builds towards a final image that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

STAR WARS: VISIONS – PEACH MOMOKO #1 by PEACH MOMOKO (Credit: Marvel entertainment – cover: Giuseppe Camuncoli)

Momoko brings a vivid and unforgettable tale to life within these pages. From the initial stages, Ankok is menacing and intimidating right from the full page panel.

The followers’ rection to seeing this “god” is frightening of the power she possesses on them. This plays in contrast to Kako, who’s ever defiant of believing in what she is claiming.

The turning point in the story is the quiet moment involving Kako. Momoko gives enough insight to the readers without fully tipping her hand to what’s next. The final confrontation is set up perfectly will well-set pacing.

The visuals are breathtaking as the journey into the truth takes flight. Never does any panel lack the tension and excitement of the moments unfolding. Its’ conclusion will leave readers with many emotions but all will leave readers very pleased for this experience.


Through the innovative eyes of Peach Momoko, the world of Star Wars is gifted a story of epic proportions. With mind-blowing visuals to lift Kako’s plan of discovering truth, This is one issue not to pass on for New Comic Book Day!

Hit me up on ODPH social media and let me know your thoughts of STAR WARS: VISIONS – PEACH MOMOKO #1. Thanks for reading Parlay points on Nerd initiative!


Ken M.
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