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A Truly Glorious Purpose: Loki Season 2 Finale


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Caution if you haven’t seen the last episode, there will be SPOILERS!

Thursday night in unison with the premiere of the Marvels, Loki season 2 wrapped up with the episode “Glorious Purpose” which is a culmination of the efforts made by Loki and the TVA to save the Multiverse and the TVA at the same time. In essence, thought the actual stage where everything occurs didn’t vary as much as it did during the first season, when it did had. Time and the implications of slipping in it had as much weight as the multiverse that was birthed from the season 1 finale.

Regardless of time, the multiverse, or even the TVA, this story was always about Loki. Immediately from the failure of the battle of New York, the god of Mischief was in center stage. Some arguments were initially made that Loki was only allowed a part of an episode to evolve from villain to hero. The implications that Season 2 lasted CENTURIES for him made his final choice in this episode have more weight. At that moment, Loki had already sacrificed so much to possibly save everyone and the last choice he made guaranteed a real chance.

All roads lead to “He who Remains”

The revelation that all the events that occurred for Loki in season 2 was another manipulation by He who Remains (HWR) was not a huge surprise, but was a smart choice. That very revelation actually makes a re-watch of the first season almost necessary to find any hints that were missed.

Everything led to this Loki, hand picked to keep the illusion of safety by continuing the work of HWR. Thankfully, beyond his desire to do good, Loki allowed himself to build relationships with those around him. While what HWR made sense, and he even appeared to accept this conclusion for a time, chose to seek out his friends and was willing to sacrifice himself to carve the path for a new hope.

Overall Thoughts

I enjoyed the majority of this season, though in the beginning, I didn’t feel compelled to watch it immediately as I have with other shows…Perhaps that was the strike affecting my excitement for a property that I couldn’t really talk about. This final episode though, I was excited to see it as soon as it dropped. I was riveted, surprised, and finally, full of emotion at the end. Though I hope it is not the end of Loki or Tom Hiddleston, this ending was absolutely satisfying and saddening.

The Loki finale was hands down a master class in character development and storytelling! This is one of the best pieces in the MCU! It was perfection!

Loki Season 2 is available to stream on Disney+ now!
Tony Abdullah
Tony Abdullahhttps://nerdinitiative.com
Better known as “MrMARVELite” on TikTok, Tony is a die-hard MARVEL fan, comic book historian, pop culture connoisseur and content creator in the truest sense of the word. Combining his vast knowledge of the MCU and comics with his overflowing passion for connecting and collaborating with other creators, MrMARVELite has quickly blazed his own trail and forged a hugely loyal and engaged fanbase. Tony is the co-host of the Reel Study Podcast. He is a proud husband and father to a very hyper little boy.

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