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Stranger Things X TMNT #4 Review – NYC UPSIDE DOWN


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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles X Stranger Things #4 by Cameron Chittock, Fero Pe, Sofia Dodgson, and Rus Wooton. (Credit IDW Publishing and Dark Horse Comics.)

Creative Team: (Credit: IDW Publishing and Dark Horse Comics)

Cameron ChittockFero PeSofie Dodgson and Rus Wooton 


The hour is growing desperate for our friends as they are still separated trying to find one another. Stockman’s let all hell break loose in New York City through the upside down and it’s up to El and the crew to figure out how to capture them back again. As Casey and April enter the fight in a thrill-seeking way ready to fight anything that moves.

Meanwhile, the others who have encountered new creatures known as the TCRI, in the upside down are trying to figure out what it is they want revealing the blobs were meant to leave Earth eventually but, instead being captured by the Mindflayer.

Each team in the same city just opposite ends of the real world and upside down prepares to square off in a climactic battle to save the earth. Our heroes rejoin in the upside down and kick Mindlfayer butt saving New York City.

The Art:

Some of my favorite drawn sequences from this short run have come in this issue as we see El don a turtle headband and assemble a crew of Casey Jones, Dustin, April, Donatello, and Raphael ready to kick butt. The TCRI are drawn in a way that makes me think of a cross between 80’s Pacman and the blob making this issue vibrantly fun and action-filled. The final battle is one of the most well-drawn scenes from a story I have read recently from the colors to the action.

The Story:

I had been itching to see Eleven have something more to do and in this issue, she really steps up in a big way. Showcasing her leadership in a fun almost montage teamup aspect while everyone across the team delivers bravery I wish I had. Issue 4 really encaptures the spirit of both respective franchises leaving me grinning the entire time!


The entire team really sticks the landing in this finale. We see our heroes come out on top with some exciting and fun standout moments. Fans of Stranger Things and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be turning every page in excitement. The story was filled with comedy and suspense, and we even meet new aliens adding to the mythos for each franchise. As it finishes I can’t help but recommend this short run to readers everywhere. Grab a slice of pizza, don your weapon, and pull this comic at your LCS!

5/5 Cigars


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