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BATMAN SUPERMAN: WORLD’S FINEST #20 by MARK WAID, DAN MORA, Tamra Bonvillain and Steve Wands (Credit: DC COMICS)


Creative: MARK WAID, DAN MORA, Tamra Bonvillain and Steve Wands

Welcome to an all new edition of Parlay points, the comic book review blog to the ODPH Podcast!

For this entry, the best superhero book at the comic shops returns with its legendary creative team in tow. In this incarnation of the tales of two of DC Comics’ most legendary characters, the benchmark has been raised to a whole new level.

Each of the story arcs thus far have won fans over left and right with its’ creative takes. Now heading into a brand new arc, the creators are referencing a classic story as the backdrop.

BATMAN SUPERMAN: WORLD’S FINEST #20 by MARK WAID, DAN MORA, Tamra Bonvillain and Steve Wands heads into a brand new story arc. Let’s not wait another second and jump into the new story, shall we?

BATMAN SUPERMAN: WORLD’S FINEST #20 by MARK WAID, DAN MORA, Tamra Bonvillain and Steve Wands (Credit: DC Comics – Cover: Daniel Sampere)


The story begins with The Flash running through the Multiverse. Readers see his narration play out explaining his actions. Mapping the Multiverse is something the Scarlet Speedster watches over with all the possible other worlds coming into play.

On this run, The Flash sees someone that causes alarm. The shadow is very well known to longtime DC readers. New readers may be thrown ff for now, but they will find out soon enough.


Meanwhile in Gotham City, The trio of Batman, Robin and Superman are set to face off with some of Wonder Woman’s rogues. That is until the Flash crashes the party. Superman receives some news concerning David Sikela aka Boy Thunder, a sidekick that vanished in the timestream a while back. The Flash may have found him but he’s not in a good place.

Readers see the plan is to retrieve David. However, the place they are going is not an easy place to survive. It is a historic place in DC Comics Lore. David is on a world where the trinity of heroes fans know is vastly different. they are on the home world of Magog. The world is that of “KINGDOM COME”!!!!!!! Get ready for one hell of an adventure as the World’s Finest are going to be tested like never before!

BATMAN SUPERMAN: WORLD’S FINEST #20 by MARK WAID, DAN MORA, Tamra Bonvillain and Steve Wands (Credit: DC Comics – Cover: Björn Barends)

Waid returns home to one of his most iconic stories in all of comic history. If fans are not familiar with that story (painted art by Alex Ross), make a point to go read it! The introduction by the Flash is a great introduction to Flash’s consistent dabbling into the timestream. After seeing what he did, Superman wastes no time into heading right into the unknown.

The nobility of not breaking a promise plays right into his character. What he and Batman find brings back much nostalgia to the classic story. The drama builds perfectly heading into the closing act with ends reflecting the world they are now stepping into.


Mora returns in a monster way to the series! The introduction with the Flash pops off the pages with two full page, detailed panels. Once the title heroes jump into the new world, the art reflects the somberness of the classic story. There’s another powerful two page spread which drives the point home about the terrifying world of “Kingdom Come”.

The other nods to the classic story play out strong to capture fans’ attention. This leads into a solid ending with a final image building more anticipation for what’s coming next issue. A story revisiting the past may be difficult but when Mora is on art, nothing is impossible to pull off.


Dan Mora returns after a two-issue break to lead readers into the powerful world of “Kingdom Come”. The phenomenal art is fueled by Waid’s excellent writing (along with the other creative team members) giving readers a journey into DC Comics history that simply can’t be missed!

Hit me up on ODPH social media and let me know your thoughts on Batman Superman: World’s Finest #20. Thanks for reading!


Ken M.
Ken M.https://odphpodcast.com/
Executive Producer/Host of the ODPH (Ocho Duro Parlay Hour) Podcast. Ken is also Nerd Initiative's Comics Editor-In-Chief/Brand Advisor and host of "Turn A Page". Ken is also a freelance Pro Wrestling Blogger and an all around fan of Sports, Movies Tv, Comics and Pro Wrestling

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