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Kaya # 11 – The War of the Factions


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Kaya #11: Wes Craig (story, art and design), Jason Wordie (colors), Tom Napolitano (letters), Erika Schnatz (design) Credit Image Comics

Kaya Issue 11 –  Image Comics

Creative team: Wes Craig (story, art and design), Jason Wordie(colors), Tom Napolitano(letters), Erika Schnatz (design)

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The Story:

We last left Kaya and her allies deep in the poison lands where they happened to find Jin and his captors. This issue opens with Lord Vox of the Robots Legion and his 2 allies, a dragon like creature and a warthog gorilla like creature, who are about to deliver Jin to the Lord Proctus of the Robot legion.

All of a sudden, the gorilla-like creature steps in and demands that he gets what was promised to him by Lord Vox. Helping overthrow another king.

At the same time, Jin is going through an internal struggle of his own where he is justifying his existence and if he actually is the golden one. Kaya at this point steps in and opens fire with her bow to save Jin igniting an all out brawl on multiple fronts! This issue continues to explore these battles as we progress through the panels.

The Art, Colors and Design:

I can’t continue to stress enough how insanely creative Wes Craig’s characters are in this series! Craig continues to pull double duty in both the story and Art for this series and his hard work is paying dividends in this final issue of the second arch. The addition of Jason Wordie’s vibrant colors drives home the tone and emotion. Especially in the battle scenes and touching moments between Jin and Kaya! The paneling designs during the battle sequence really exemplify the complexity of the conflict and added another level of tension to the story!

Final Thoughts:

This issue did a great job wrapping up the second arch and tying up loose ends. It also establishes enough of the next story lines to keep readers intrigued and wanting more! I absolutely loved the first backstory that we got about Kaya between the first 2 volumes and I am very excited that we will be getting another backstory before the start of volume 3!

Overall Rating 9 out 10

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