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SUPERMAN #6 Review – Secrets in the heart of the city


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SUPERMAN #6 – Joshua Williamson, Gleb Melnikov, Alejandro Sánchez and Ariana Maher (Credit: DC Comics – Cover Jamal Campbell)

SUPERMAN #6 by DC Comics

Creative: Joshua Williamson, Gleb Melnikov, Alejandro Sánchez and Ariana Maher

Welcome to an all new edition of Parlay Points, the comic book review blog for the ODPH podcast!

For this entry, we are checking out one of the standout series of the “Superman” line over at DC Comics!

Since it’s kickoff in the “Dawn Of DC” era, the Man of Steel’s books have had a renewed focus, winning over fans with each issue. Case in point has been the latest “Superman” title by Joshua Williamson and Jamal Campbell.

After a brief hiatus with “Knight Terrors” and a strong Annual issue, the series returns to shops with Gleb Melnikov board for art along with Williamson, Alejandro Sánchez and Ariana Maher. Let’s take a closer look at Superman #6, shall we?


Superman and Lex Luthor have always had a unique connection to say the least. In this current series, Lex is behind bars but has left Superman a massive gift in his absence. Superman is now in charge of the newly renamed “Supercorp”. With resources like that at his disposal, Supes should find crime-fighting easier. Sadly, that hasn’t been the case.

SUPERMAN #6 – Joshua Williamson, Gleb Melnikov, Alejandro Sánchez and Ariana Maher (Credit: DC Comics – Cover Lee Bermejo)

Surprise to no one, Lex has made some enemies. Dr. Pharm and Mr. Graft are two that have made some noise as of late that can’t be ignored. While using a Kyrptonite Klaw, they have amplified some of Superman’s rogues to new heights. This has all be a plan to keep him at bay while Lex is attacked and nearly killed in prison!

This issue opens up with the frantic attempt to save Lex’s life. The imagery holds nothing back at how grim the situation has become. The story jumps two weeks later is to see Superman is back in action, yet not quite himself. Not being there for Lex is weighing heavy on his mind.

More from Joshua Williamson!

Meanwhile at the Daily Planet, it is business as usual with Lois Lane handling duties as serving Editor-In-Chief. Lois and Clark have a brief chat which leads to Clark heading to his “corporation” for help with solving the riddle of “Project: Chained”.

Readers find out there is a specialized prison underneath Stryker’s Island. Someone is there, but no one knows the reason why. What kind of power needs that kind of containment? As Superman looks to diver further into the mystery, the answers he finds will be shocking.

Can he even handle what has been discovered? If the last page is any indication, bracing for impact is required with a parting image that jumps off the page leading to the monster Superman #850!

SUPERMAN #6 – Joshua Williamson, Gleb Melnikov, Alejandro Sánchez and Ariana Maher (Credit: DC Comics – Cover ROSE BESCH)

Williamson does an amazing job at tying in classic superhero plots with modern times. The relationship between Clark and Lex has always been rocky at its’ best case. Seeing Clark’s conscious weigh heavy for failing brings the near-perfect hero down to a grounded level.

It is Clark’s unwavering sense of truth, justice and a better tomorrow that leads him to utilizing “Supercorp” when even he has reservations. The mystery plays out well with Williamson leaving many questions unanswered for now. The final pages really drive home the point of how high the stakes are heading into the anniversary issue.


Melnikov steps in for art duties and brings a unique vision of Superman’s world to readers. There is an excellent two page spread of Superman flying over cars in Metropolois that feels like a vintage superhero image (which is fantastic). The scenes with Lois and Clark reflect the frustration both are dealing with respectively.

The action panels flow very easy and readers will sense the threat level with a great two-page spread of Superman addressing what he finds in his search. The final images leave no doubt that the story is only beginning and question if Superman can really save the day next time readers see him.


The new arc of Joshua Williamson’s “Superman” doesn’t delay in bringing action and excitement to readers. Sharp writing and excellent visuals by Melnikov and Sánchez give readers a fun story to jump along for the ride heading to the monumental Superman #850!

Hit me up on ODPH social media and let me know what you think of Superman #6. Thanks for reading Parlay points on Nerd Initiative!


Ken M.
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