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Who Was The Flash’s (Jay Garrick) First Villain In The Comics!?


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Jay Garrick’s First Villain

Jay Garrick, the original Flash, has encountered his fair share of adversaries since 1942. While many might assume that the Reverse Flash was the first true villain to challenge the fastest man alive, the title actually belongs to the Shade.

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The Shade, a low-level criminal, made his debut in Flash Comics #33 in 1942. Unlike the mobsters and thugs that Garrick had faced before, The Shade possessed the ability to manipulate the shadows and control them with his magical cane, making him the first real villain to go up against Jay Garrick.

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Despite his initial status as a minor criminal, The Shade’s unique powers and abilities made him a formidable opponent for The Flash. With his mastery of shadow manipulation, he posed a significant threat to Garrick’s mission to protect Central City. As the first true villain to challenge the original Flash, The Shade has earned his place in the pantheon of the Flash’s most notorious foes.

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