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The Sacrificers #2 – The Death March?


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The Sacrificers #2 : Rick Remender (Writer, Creator) 
Max Fiumara (Art, Creator), Dave McCaig (colors), Credit Image Comics

The Sacrificers #2 – Image Comics

Creative Team: Rick Remender (Writer, Creator), Max Fiumara (Art, Creator), Dave McCaig (colors), Rus Wooton (Letters)

**Minor spoilers below**

Issue 1 of the sacrificers gave us just a taste of this new world where the story focused on 2 species of characters, the blue bird-like creatures and the gods of this universe. Issue 2 continues the world building as we are introduced to the humans and a humanistic orca/humpback whale like creature.

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The Sacrificers #2 : Rick Remender (Writer, Creator) Max Fiumara (Art, Creator), Dave McCaig (colors), Credit Image Comics

During the shackled sacrificer’s march through the whale-like creatures’ town we begin to learn about their beliefs in this society.

These creatures are the true believers where they think it’s an honor to be the sacrificer for their race and blindly accept the fact that they will be rewarded for this role. Throughout this issue, the humans are the exact opposite and are constantly questioning their purpose and role in this journey.

The Writing:

Rick Remender does a great job crafting these two polar opposite roles. This constantly makes the reader swing between the two characters as they are trying to determine if the sacrificers are a good or bad thing.

The narration between the humans and the whale-like creatures produced some of my favorite moments of the issue. Remender’s pacing is perfect in educating the readers about the complex world that is being crafted. Keeping the focus to one or two main characters in the issue makes this series easily digestible as a monthly book.

The Sacrificers #2 : Rick Remender (Writer, Creator) Max Fiumara (Art, Creator), Dave McCaig (colors), Credit Image Comics

The Art and Layouts:

Max Fiumara and Dave McCaig continue to produce incredible scenery! The vivid details in the facial expressions and shadow work during the discussions between the sacrificers was some of my favorite moments in this issue.

McCaig’s use of colors helps the readers connect with the ever changing tone. The use of the traditional 9 block panel layouts created the additional suspense leading up to the final splash pages.

Final Thoughts:

A solid second issue that takes the reader on a wild journey but still ends with more questions than answers! There’s a ton left to unpack with what roles the different creatures will play and how their actions could impact the cultural norms of the society.

Overall Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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