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The Sacrificers #1 – The Ultimate Sacrifice


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The Sacrificers #1 : Max Fiumara (Art, Creator), Dave McCaig (colors), Credit Image Comics

The Sacrificers #1 – Image Comics

Creative Team: Rick Remender (Writer, Creator), Max Fiumara (Art, Creator), David McCaig (colors), Rus Wooton (Letters)

The Sacrificers issue one by Image Comics was a book that might have flown under the radar (no pun intended), but is one that will be loved by both science fiction and non science fiction readers! This issue does a great job setting the stage for what feels like a dark, gritty story with difficult predicaments around every turn of the page!


**Minor Spoilers Below***

The Sacrificers #1 : Max Fiumara (Art, Creator), Dave McCaig (colors), Credit Image Comics

The Art and Character design:

The issue opens with an amazing splash page by Max Fiumara of the moon overlooking a cozy bungalow that seems very inviting with its smoking chimney. The coloring, by Dave McCaig gives the opposite vibes with a pastel color palette for everything except for the full moon overlooking the eerie mountain side.

It’s this, in combination with the words coming from the home that immediately gives the reader mixed feelings about what is going to happen next. An instant hook to want to know more! 

The attention to detail in the art and color carries over to the character designs where we are introduced to a family of blue bird-like humans. From the wrinkles and facial hair on the face of the father, to the clothing choices of vintage farming wear makes the reader almost forget that these characters were birds.

These human-like characteristics in both design and overall mannerisms helped make these characters even more relatable.

The Sacrificers #1 : Max Fiumara (Art, Creator), Dave McCaig (colors), Credit Image Comics

The second main set of characters we see appear to be flame gods that wield fire powers that have yet to be fully explored. The father’s (Rokos) design was very unique and eye-catching. His full flame body and solid facial features (eyes, nose, mouth) gave him the perception that he is all powerful and not to be messed with especially since he comes home flying on a magic carpet!

The daughter on the other hand has features that are almost opposite to the fathers where her whole body is solid except for her fiery hair. This led me to believe that the mother could be of human form which may lead to some family conflict later on in the story. The palace that they are in reminded me of Disney’s Aladdin, which will be very nostalgic to most readers.

The Sacrificers #1 : Max Fiumara (Art, Creator), Dave McCaig (colors), Credit Image Comics

Final Thoughts:

Overall this first issue does a great job exploring the characters and building out the world around them. Throughout this issue I felt conflicted about some of the characters based on their actions. Part of the issue was I was completely against them and but then towards the end I almost understood their reasoning for their actions. In the end I was left with more questions than answers and I am excited to see where this story goes!

Overall Rating: 8.25 out of 10

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