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Who Was Booster Gold’s First Villain In The Comics? Blackguard!


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Thursday is #FirstVillains day and @JJ – Comic Books is back to cover the first villain to go up against #BoosterGold #Blackguard #NerdInitiative #CreateWithoutFear #FirstVillain #ComicBooks #ComicBookVillains #DCComics #Comics Who was Booster Gold’s first villain in the comics? Who was Booster Gold’s first villain? Who is Blackguard? Was Blackguard in Task Force X?

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Booster Gold’s First Villain

Booster Gold, the time-traveling hero from the 25th century, has faced off against a litany of villains over the years. From best friends with the Blue Beetle Ted Kord to a member of the Justice League, Booster Gold has proven himself to be a formidable defender of Metropolis. But who was his first villain?

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Blackguard (Not Pete Davidson)

Enter Blackguard, the energy mace-wielding power suit-wearing ex-member of Task Force X. Blackguard made his debut in Booster Gold #1 back in 1986, hired by the criminal organization known as The 1000 to commit a robbery at S.T.A.R. Labs. However, Booster Gold foiled the plan, and Blackguard found himself in prison. A short time later, he was recruited back into Task Force X by Amanda Waller, only to meet his demise at the hands of the General, during his first mission in Suicide Squad #7 in 2008.

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