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“The Perfect Find” Is The Perfect Comfort Watch!


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Romantic comedies are a genre full of comfort and hope, and Netflix’s The Perfect Find is no exception. The film is based on the book of the same name by Tia Williams and centers on Jenna Jones, a 40-year-old woman whose career hangs in the balance. Not only does she make a career change into beauty journalism but she finds herself working for Darcy, her rival in the industry and in life, while also engaging in an expected romance with her new boss’ son, Eric. The film stars Gabrielle Union, Keith Powers, Gina Torres, Alani Anthony, and Aisha Hinds. 

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(l-r) Keith Powers and Gabrielle Union as Eric and Jenna in Netflix’s “THE PERFECT FIND”. All Rights Reserved by Netflix.

With so many blockbuster franchise films out in the open this summer, The Perfect Find is a rather simple film about a complicated yet comedic situation. In fact, it’s a movie that allows you to escape the worries of the world and the stress of trying to keep up with other genres that are trying to outdo one another. Its story remains straightforward, and while it dips into the world of beauty journalism, it remains focused on our main characters. It feels very much like a fantasy or daydream of how someone would meet “the one”, and that’s not a bad thing either. At times, the film can come across incredibly corny with moments that feel a little too on-the-nose. But perhaps that’s the reality of how some relationships start off. They can be full of corny little moments that transpire into something serious and real, as we see between our two love interests.

(l-r) Gabrielle Union as Jenna, Alani Anthony as Elodie, and Aisha Hinds as Billie in Netflix’s “THE PERFECT FIND”. All Rights Reserved by Netflix.

There are certain types of stories that we rarely get to see, especially when it comes to women approaching their 40’s and onward. And the beauty of The Perfect Find is that it begins at a point where “happily ever after” has ended for our main character and she must start with a clean slate. Through the narrative of Jenna Jones (Gabrielle Union), we get to see life through a middle-aged woman trying to get her career stabilized. All the while, she’s also allowing herself to indulge in love, even if it is with someone much younger than her. The film not only discusses what it means to maintain focus on being a career-oriented woman, but also dives into the idea of women being women and living the life that they want. It’s not often that we get to see women, especially Black women, be the focus of a story that is simply about living life like any ordinary person.

(l-r) Keith Powers and Gabrielle Union as Eric and Jenna in Netflix’s “THE PERFECT FIND”. All Rights Reserved by Netflix.

What’s even more interesting is being able to see generational differences between Jenna and Eric (Keith Powers), each of whom appear to be presented as an older millennial and part of Gen Z. Even as they develop genuine feelings for one another, there is not only a difference in maturity level but a difference in how they each see the world. It’s far easier to pit generations against each other and each side thinks they’re better. But it’s a challenge to reject that mentality and instead, come together to form bonds that go above and beyond generational differences that mean next to nothing. 

Performance-wise, Keith Powers stands out the most as someone who is very much representative of Eric’s generation and their mentality. Not only does Eric showcase an immense amount of passion for the work he does, but he has the same level of affection toward Jenna as he opens up to her. Powers manages to bring an engaging performance to the character that keeps us interested while validating all reasons as to why he’s perfect for Jenna. 

Gina Torres as Darcy in Netflix’s “THE PERFECT FIND”. All Rights Reserved by Netflix.

Meanwhile, Gabrielle Union is as radiant as ever as Jenna as she gives off an independent performance to mirror the mentality of Jenna. But Union also lets go to allow the vulnerability of the character to seep through and as the walls come down. Unfortunately, while Gina Torres does give as good a performance, she is severely underused. As the big boss and mother to Jenna and Eric respectively, I would have hoped to see Darcy have more of an impact on the main plot.

Ultimately, The Perfect Find is a movie that proves we need more romantic comedies that feature people of color that are opposite each other. We can be funny. We can be romantic. We can be completely nuts. We can be tender. The strengths of this film tend to outshine most flaws to where it becomes a comforting movie to watch. If you’re not into romantic comedies or feel like they’re just not for you, turn away now. But if you’re looking to get into the genre or you absolutely love stories like this, then grab your favorite snacks and drinks, grab a blanket, and watch away.

Samosa Rating:  

The Perfect Find receives 3.5 out of 5 Samosas. 

The Perfect Find is now streaming on Netflix.
Runtime: 1h 39m

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Pooja Chand
Pooja Chand
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