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Building Like A Nimrod – MARVEL SNAP!


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©2023 MARVEL

New Cards!

March is here, and the season of Days of Future Past is upon us! MARVEL SNAP continues it’s trend of introducing new cards to add to our collection. As well as giving us some fun, new cards to play with if you choose to invest into the battle pass. I’d say $10 Dollars is a good starting point to make sure you get some value out of what you’re paying for. With the inclusion of Nimrod as this month’s featured card, you’re left asking yourself a couple questions:

  • Is Nimrod a good card?
  • What should I do with Nimrod?
  • Should I spend that Alexander Hamilton? (Are you gonna throw away your shot?)
  • How did a Broadway joke make it’s way into this article?

All those questions will be answered (probably) by the end of this insight into Nimrod as a MARVEL SNAP card.

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When this is destroyed, add a copy to each other location. COST 5 / POWER 5
© 2023 MARVEL

Is Nimrod A Good Card?

Nimrod as a card without too much thought is pretty good in my opinion. Being of the ‘Destroy’ archetype (which is one of the more popular options when building decks early in series 1-3), you can get a lot of value out of Nimrod, by simply dropping him into your already constructed ‘Destroy’ deck.

At face value, he can add a lot of combo potential and possible surprise power to locations you have either fallen behind on. Or can create a shift in pressure at other locations, to disorient your opponent later on in the game. This is probably Nimrod’s biggest draw back however, as he is sitting at a 5 energy cost, which can be seen as a limiting factor to his combo potential.

Most ‘Destroy’ decks will focus on momentum, so Nimrod in theory should be a good choice if you’ve found yourself in a decent spot and can get your chain of destructions going. It’ll fall short if you’ve lacked set up or have no effects to take advantage of his presence in other locations though.

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What Should I Do With Nimrod?

Dan Hipp Variant
© 2023 MARVEL

Nimrod, again, will work very well in your ‘Destroy’ decks. I’m not entirely sure as of yet what insane combos can be unlocked with Nimrods ability. Considering a lot of destruction cards are cheap, you can find numerous ways to get the best bang for your buck.

Cards like Carnage, Venom, Destroyer, Deathlok, and especially Arnim Zola are all key cards to secure triggering his effect on your board. Complimentary cards that continue a chain of affects would be ones like Nova, Wolverine, Bucky Barns, and Attuma.

If you find yourself on the opposite end of things, and are looking for solutions to deal with a card like Nimrod, then consider playing Armor to prevent your cards from being destroyed. Professor X can limit the amount of copies that can be made, or you can use Daredevil to predict where your opponent will play Nimrod and prevent yourself from being blindsided.

Is It Worth The Hamilton?

Kim Jacinto Variant
© 2023 MARVEL

The short answer, in my opinion, is Yes.

Nimrod has a lot of potential to be a big must have for the ‘Destroy’ archetype. With the amount of value you can achieve from this card, I wouldn’t be surprised if others tell you the same thing.

When you find yourself not playing a lot of destruction (like myself), however, then maybe picking up Nimrod is not on your priority list. It’s still a card to watch out for. While I think I’ll be grabbing the card myself, it will only find it’s use in dedicated destruction decks. Which isn’t entirely a bad thing, but if you find yourself never playing them then your mileage may vary.

One of the best things about MARVEL SNAP is the amount of different ways you can play. If you’ve never touched a ‘Destroy’ deck before, maybe this can be the card that gets you into playing it all the way to Infinity (the highest rank you can a card up to). If it is within your means, and you like having options, then I think this is a pretty good one.

Get Started!

Here are a couple of decks I could find floating around on Twitter. I’m going to take the next week or so and play around to see what I can come up with myself. The lists I’ve posted bellow are great starting points to look at from people playing right now!

Good luck snapping out there!

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