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Everything You Need to Know About … Kang The Conqueror


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With Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania just weeks away, let’s dive into who exactly Kang is in the Marvel Universe.

The Master of Time, his connections to the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom, and so much more are covered in detail in this video from some of the best at Nerd Initiative!

Sean Winningham
Sean Winningham
Better known as “The Captioned Life” on social media, Sean has been in love with comics, the superhero genre, and all types of fandoms since he was a kid. Sean is the host and producer of The Captioned Life Show, a show for the most casual and dedicated fans of comics and pop culture. He is also the Social Media Engagement Manager and Contributor for Comic Watch. As Senior Multimedia Producer at Nerd Initiative, Sean is instrumental in helping creators to share and discuss their love of superheroes in a toxic-free environment.

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