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D23 – Everything You Need to Know About the Disney Convention


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It’s been a week since D23, so let’s look back and give an honest analysis of the big Disney convention and what we loved and what maybe could be better.


First, let’s tackle the good. I will say that the cosplay is the best I have EVER seen! Hands down. I have been to Comic-Con and D23’s cosplay was beyond epic.

So, when it comes to cosplay, if that’s your thing, then start planning for D23 in 2024! It will NOT let you down!

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The Marvel Panel

While many fans complained about the lack of trailers watching at home, people in attendance got almost a dozen clips involving projects yet to come.

From seeing the casts of Loki, Daredevil, Echo and so much more, we were treated to panel after panel with MCU stars and teasers of what’s to come!

The Atmosphere

We literally saw Kevin Feige walking the floor, checking out the Marvel exhibit and talking to fans.

That’s the kind of con I want to attend!

The exhibits were also amazing with Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar and more giving fans an inside look at costumes, interviews and free gifts.

The Merch

Let’s dig a little into the downsides of the convention.

They still don’t have the merch down. There were 5-8 hour long virtual lines to buy merchandise, then on Sunday, you could just walk in and buy what you want.

On the first day, fans were walking out with 10 or more lightsabers, on the second, collectors were getting multiple copies of the special Spider-Man comic given out at the 60th anniversary panel, and the whole process was kind of a mess.

I wish there was a lottery system to possibly get merch blocks of time, so that we didn’t have to sit on our phones for hours looking to get into one of the dozen of rooms where they sold exclusive merch.

Also, once we did get into one of the rooms, it was just a bunch of t-shirts. It would help to know more about what’s offered ahead of time.

Preferred Passes, Scheduling and the Learning Curve

We picked up the preferred passes so that we could more easily get into panels. They are much more expensive than your regular weekend passes.

We later found out, those passes only really helped for Hall 23, which is great for the Marvel panel, but what about the Spider-Man 60th or some of the other exciting panels that weren’t at Hall 23.

My advice to those going in the future is to plan out your weekend and make sure something like preferred passes is right for you.

There are a lot of overlapping panels happening all at once and don’t try to do to much.

Also join some fan groups on social to learn how to navigate the convention.

DO NOT TRY TO JUST WING IT. That’s what we did and while we had a blast, we def missed out on some things I would have loved to see. I’m still bitter about not getting that Spider-Man comic.

All in all, I’d give D23 a 7.5/10 – It’s a great time, but a little pricey and a little confusing for the average convention goer. But I’d still go again!

Michael Rothman
Michael Rothman
Better known as “SuperheroTok” on TikTok, Michael is an Emmy Award winning entertainment reporter spending over a decade at ABC & Good Morning America, hosting shows like Inside Marvel! Michael brings his unique vision and passion to TikTok, where he also hosts “Shortboxed Presents,” a series focused on everything fans need to know about buying and selling comics in the grading age. He’s also a proud husband, and father to a little golden retriever.

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