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Tag: Whos That Comic Character?

Check out our review of 'Land Of Women' the new series starring Eva Longoria premiering on Apple TV+ on June 26th.
It has begun. With the start of Absolute Power and Blood Hunt going strong the Comic Book Summer Event season is in full swing. With that though we still have plenty of great smaller books telling...

Who’s That Comic Character? – Prowler!

The Prowler, aka. Hobie Brown, was created by Stan Lee, John Buscema and Jim Mooney. And he made his first comic book appearance...

Who’s That Comic Character? – Raven!

Raven was created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez. She made her first comic book appearance in DC Comics Presents #26 back in 1980.

Who’s That Comic Character?-Booster Gold!

Booster Gold, aka. Mike Carter, was a college football star from the 25th century. He was originally given his "Booster" nickname...

Who’s That Comic Character? – The Reveal!

Psycho-Pirate was created by Writer Gardner Fox and artist Joe Gallagher. He made his first comic book appearance in All-Star Comics #23 in 1944

Who’s That Comic Character?

Now is time to leave a comment with your best guess. Even if you have to take a wild shot in the dark, you never know which of those shots will actually land!

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